Write Like it’s The Only Option

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Write Like it’s The Only Option

We as human beings are given sense of organs so that we can touch, see and feel this world. Amongst all other sense organs, human beings are special animals in mankind who can express and share their thoughts with each other. It is even regarded as our fundamental right to express ourselves. For all those people who have the urge to express themselves. Here is a quick tip for you.

It is a widely known fact that all the legends we know now had some of the other exceptional quality that made them rise to such a level of mastery. If you dig down deep to find about them, you will find that most of them had one habit in common. They used to write about their goals and even about their days.

I recently found this somewhere that there is something magical about the written word. It has the capacity to unite all your energies and help you achieve your goals.

Why do we not write?

  • Some people think that in order to write you must be a writer. But this is not so. Each and every one of us is writers if we choose to write. Of course, you might not be able to write with that flair as that of an amateur writer. But a consistent practice will help you achieve that level too.

  • We tend to compare ourselves with others. We must understand that every person is a distinct individual and your style of writing might be way different from the one you are comparing. It is so because your experiences to have been different. Moreover, do not compare your first level in writing with that person’s higher level. It took him/ her years to reach up to this level.

  • Writing involves labor. Writing involves a lot of hard work and consistency. One cannot become a writer overnight. It requires a lot of time and effort to put your thoughts exactly into words and this is reflected in your writing over time.

  • The excuse of being busy. Some people argue that they do not have time to write. They come home all exhausted and do not have the strength to gather a pen and paper to write. But I want to say that you might not even have time to chat, talk, watch TV or do anything else? But you surely take out time for all this. Isn’t it? Same holds true of writing. You have to take out time for all the things that are important to you. You will surely be able to take out time if you start considering writing a priority!

Quick tip to giving writing a start-

Start small. Start by writing a paragraph. No one is asking you to write a novel today. No one can do that. Write a small paragraph every day and do this consistently. Consistency is that one trait that distinguishes a budding writer from an amateur one. You will see how your writing skills grow every day. It obviously needs efforts and time but then that’s always a requirement to accomplish any great thing in life. Above all, read a lot. Reading will give you inputs on what to write and will expose your thinking towards other people’s opinions. Write no matter what and you will forever be grateful for it.

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