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Why You Must Maintain a Gratitude Journal?

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Why You Must Maintain a Gratitude Journal?

All of us would agree that we live in the age where competition is in decimal level and we are constantly trying hard to outmeasure any colleague or ourselves to be better than what we were. We just want to be ahead of someone either to be able to earn much better or attain a post we have long been dreaming about. In the process, we never realized that we have missed out a lot many important things in life, certainly more important than out measuring someone. In this rat race of being the best, we have nearly neglected that we have been blessed with a lot many gifts that we fail to acknowledge. Gifts, the lord almighty has showered us with love and affection. Recall the last time you thanked God for being so loving in giving you all the things even before asking. Did you ever feel grateful that you are in perfect health and your family is safe? How can you expect to have more when you are not grateful for what you already have? It is a fact that gratitude attracts miracles. If you believe in the supreme god and are grateful for what you have, a miracle awaits you. We must maintain a gratitude journal and write all those things that you are grateful for. Be it a shelter, a fan on the ceiling, a vehicle to ride to the workplace, etc. You need not have big achievements to feel grateful, start by small and the changes will unfold to bigger miracles. Here are some reasons why you must make a gratitude journal today itself.

  1. You understand what’s important in life and have a much wider aspect of how a life should be lead.

  2. Gratitude journal instills self-awareness.

  3. Gratitude journal will help you lower down your stress levels and lets you concentrate on what really matters to you.

  4. Gratitude journal will help you reflect on the positives of the day thereby increasing positive thinking in you.

  5. When in low mood, it will help you acknowledge that you have so much more to be thankful about in life.

  6. You will enjoy a good night sleep once you end the day with a more positive approach.

  7. It will keep feelings of anxiety, anger, and irritation away from you and help you concentrate on the brighter side of life.

Start gratitude journalizing today itself and feel the difference.

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