Why Women Do Not Learn to Say No in a Relationship?

Why Women Do Not Learn to Say No in a Relationship?

It is very rightly said that life becomes a beautiful journey if you have someone close by to share your happiness and sorrows. I guess this is precisely why people get married these days, apart from the other obvious reasons. They seek a partner who can understand their heart, someone who can share all their pain, sorrow and suffering, someone who loves them unconditionally even when they refuse to love themselves. It is especially very difficult to find true love these days but then again true love cannot be found, it happens naturally and spontaneously at the time we least expect and with the person we never could assume.

Initially, things go very smoothly, beyond expectations. But once the relationship takes considerable time, the couple tend to get suffocated with each other and all they think of is getting rid of each other. While some people chose to walk out of the relationship, some hang on until the end. Obviously ending up a relationship is not always the solution. We might have to work collectively to contribute to the mutual good. Every relation, be it father-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter, brother-sister, etc. faces some or the other conflicts but we cannot change our parents, right? We try and adjust. The same goes for other relations too subject to certain conditions and exceptions.

Most of the times, women take the onus of adjustment in a relationship and that is so unfair. Both man and woman are involved in a relationship alike and it is, therefore, the responsibility of both to employ efforts to keep the relationship working. She should never be pressurized to do all the compromises to ensure its longevity. Longevity of any relationship is ensured by mutual trust and respect, bestowing love and affection, etc. No doubt you must be flexible, but not so that your partner takes undue advantage of it. Compromises and adjustments can be handled as long as they do not compromise her dignity and respect. You cannot make a woman love you if you abuse her and disrespect her. It is also a sign that you do not love yourself enough to be disregarding a human as you are.

As women, you must understand that education does not empower one. You must not harbor such opinions that since you are not educated and do not earn for the living, you have the right to be abused and disregarded. You must take your stand and engrave this deep into your heart that empowerment starts from saying NO to any injustice done to you or in front of you.

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