Why There Is So Much Anxiety in Today’s Generation?

 Why There Is So Much Anxiety in Today’s Generation?

Hello Friends! Today I will discuss with you the subject of how anxiety is affecting people all around the world and how a person can come out of this disorder. What is anxiety? When a person is afraid or nervous about something and becoming uncomfortable with his situation then he or she is actually suffering from anxiety. People at every stage of their lives are increasingly becoming a victim of this disorder. Let me tell you one thing very frankly that with the advance in technological development and intake of toxin food, the tolerance power in people has reduced to the certain extent resulting in various kinds of anxiety.


From small children to senior citizens, every person is a sufferer. Women are found to be more foiled in this disorder as a comparison to men. Check out the various reasons responsible for anxiety and panic attacks.

Hectic Life With Worries

Due to huge competition among teenagers in studies, adults with respect to financial aspects, etc. there are worries and tensions. The day by day increase of tension creates an imbalance in the hormonal system of the body. This further causes anxiety. Many people desire something which then becomes difficult to achieve and result in depression and hopelessness.

Communication Issue

People are nowadays focused on Facebook and Snapchat rather than talking face to face with each other. Broken relationships, less friendship, lack of social environment decrease the balanced cells of mind. Many people have chest pain and mentally they are disturbed due to imbalanced cells. Thus, anxiety increases and happiness decreases.

Lack of Proper Sleep

Making a perfect compatibility between daily chores, we often forget to take a comfortable and good sleep. In the rush of doing all the things and finishing off the tasks, many times either the sleeping routine gets affected or there is lack of sleep. This creates anxiety and despair.

Medical Issues

Sometimes due to taking medicines as prescribed by a doctor, the overall immune system gets affected. The chemicals of medicines affect the brain, heart and the whole organ system of the body. My suggestion is that don’t take medicines if it is not highly recommended. As it affects a person and raises the level of anxiety.

Stage fear

Many times, people have stage freight and when they say something in front of a public or a crowd of people they robotically become nervous. Too much nervousness causes anxiety.


One of the fundamental reasons behind too much anxiety is overthinking. Repeatedly thinking on a particular situation and getting fear from it actually boost the anxiety in the brain of a person. In such cases, what you should do is write down all your worries and related things in a paper and then burn it on the gas. You will get instant relief.


There is a problem seen in many people that they try to become a perfectionist in whatever they do. When they make mistakes and mistakes, then their anxiety level reaches certain heights. It is good to become ideal but the process of becoming perfectly the best can ruin you and your body.

Past Events

It is seen that people who have some bad pasts; they usually have fear of the event of happening again in their future. This fear turns into anxiety.


After checking out the cause and roots of development of anxiety, let us now brood over the things which can reduce and decline the level of anxiety.

Morning Exercises

According to the survey done recently, it is found that people who do exercise sitting in the garden or any calm place in the early morning are less affected by the anxiety, depression, and misery. Plan a daily exercise and do it every morning. This will boost the white blood cells in your body which will fight against your anxiety and nervousness.


Reading gives immense pleasure and develops our intellect and mind. Those who read daily are likely to have more concentration level than the other people. Reading new blogs will also give you lots of confidence and knowledge. Thus, all these things will lead to strong intellect and less anxiety.

Less Use of Phones, Ipads, laptops

I will suggest you to use the phones, Ipads, and laptops as little as possible. There are radiations which flow in our body through these devices which are actually harmful to our body. Hence, keep limitations.


If you have too much anxiety and worries then you can consult a doctor and take counseling sessions. Many psychologists provide counselors in their clinic. This will help you in recovering from all your troubles.


Meditation is the best medicine you can give to yourself. There are loads of advantages to doing meditation. It helps in reduction of the anxiety and depression too. Meditation at early morning or even in the evening will help you providing relief and it will break the tension. You can come out of all the negative thoughts which make you afraid of future.

Deep Breathing

You can even start your day with deep breathing in the morning. This will help you manage the stress, in relaxing your brain and reducing the anxiety. You can do it all yourself too. There is no need for any trainer. This technique will give you pleasure and satisfaction too.

Healthy Eating

A good diet will not only give you energy but also repair the broken cells in your body. The growth and development of cells inside the body give power to the person to come out quickly from the stress and tensions. Avoid junk food and try to take nutritious food. A balanced diet can cure you of anxiety.

There is always a solution interconnected with a problem. No locks are manufactured without any keys. Hence, try to discover the solutions and focus on them to get rid of tensions, stress and hopeless feelings. A determined mind will surely come out of the web of anxiety and depression.

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