Why Should You OptFor Mount Kailash Yatra?

Why Should You OptFor Mount Kailash Yatra?

There are three main reasons why you should go on Mount Kailash Yatra.

Leisure and Tourism

If the spiritual significance hasn't persuaded you to take the Kailash parvat yatra yet, then the following reasons will. Granted, the temperature can freeze you into ice candy, but the view and experience are worth it.

It doesn't matter if you're an atheist or a believer; the aesthetically pleasing surrounding will have you worshipping the view. The snow-capped mountains look like they are covered with a shiny white blanket. The sun rising and setting, shines its lights through the spaces in the peak.

The glistening warm light touching your skin, makes you feel like sunshine in the rain. This is an absolute treat for tourists and photographers who love to travel and gain an extraordinary experience.

Pilgrimage Purposes

For people who are going for pilgrimage purposes, the sacredness of this place will assuredly leave you engrossed. Thousands of dedicated pilgrimage travelers come from across the world to start their journey of liberation. Despite the difficulty of terrain and weather, people of all age groups join this Yatra.

There are emergency medics and transportation, for instance, horses and helicopters available in the region. This is for people who are differently-abled or are senior citizens. Your circumstances shouldn't come in between your holy journey, and thus you need a good travel agency to ensure the same.

Moreover, when the pilgrims reach the top of the peak, their next step is to do parikrama. It is nothing but walking in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Furthermore, it takes three days to complete it on foot. For people who have difficulty in walking this inclined path, they can take a pony or a yak ride.


Suppose you're not a person of religious or tourist interest, but love a tough challenge. Then this Kailash Yatra is for you!

A few decades, it was deemed almost impossible to climb this mountain. It is 21,778 ft high or 6,638 meters tall. The weather, terrain, and unpredictable heavy snowfall patterns make are external complications for reaching the peak.

Herbert Tichy, an Australian journalist, and climber visited this region in the year of 1936. Furthermore, he started questioning the Garpons if the mountain was climbable. The Garpons then told him that only the man free of sin could climb mount Kailash. Moreover, they continued that the man wouldn't have scale ice walls, he would turn into a bird and fly to the peak.

Whether that's entirely true or not, many people have successfully climbed this mountain in the past. This will be a fun and adventurous experience for you, one that you will remember for a lifetime.

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