Why Dogs Are Best Companion For Humans?

Why Dogs Are Best Companion For Humans?

Dogs. They are the most loyal creatures found on this planet. They can become man’s best friend. From waging their tail to cheer you up in the morning to sleeping on your feet, dogs create fascination in all their activities. If you have one at your home then you must be aware from all the small and big aspects related with these dogs. A life journey with a dog as a pet is thrilling and breathtaking.

Dogs prove to be the preeminent and paramount pets and there is wide range of reasons behind it. Let us see.

1) Their Kindness

I must tell you that dogs when brought as pets are little shy. But slowly and steadily, they will become your favorite buddies. They will watch TV with you without snatching away your remote. Whenever, you will be sad, they will try to make you cheerful. On your arrival at home or your departure from home, both the times, they will greet you.

2) Their Obedience

Once you train your dog then it will follow all your instructions. It will do litter where you have instructed. It will not scratch the furniture or will not make your room untidy. Dogs help in some of the household chores and they usually seen obeying their masters.

3) Their Gesture

These responsible pets many times make gestures which are appealing and touching for their owners. While taking selfies, or playing in a garden, during early mornings, etc they simply make funny or emotive or striking gestures. Their activities more often than not fetch away the hearts of people surrounding them.

4) They are Prolific

It is proved from loads of research and surveys that those who have dogs as their pets go less frequently to doctors than those who does not have one. If you have a dog as a pet then number of times you’re visiting to a doctor will decrease and your medications will also decrease. Hence, dogs as pets prove to be productive and fruitful for man.

5) They Are Stunning

Some of the species of dogs are so fluffy and so cute that you will simply start adoring and appreciating the little bundle of joy. With soft fur and childlike gesture, they will attract you in the middle of crowd. They are beautiful and exciting to watch.

6) They Bring Fortune

According to a study of America, those people who bring dogs as their pets are found to be richer than those people who do not have pets. The study further reveals that dogs give their owners such kind of joy which gradually becomes motivating for the owners. The owners start earning more than they used to earn before having pets.

There are lots of varieties of dogs. From American Eskimo dogs to German shepherd, you will find plenty of ranges. You can make a selection of dog as your pet based on your needs and lifestyle. A weekend fun or holiday trip with a pet dog will always give your saccharine memories.

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