Why Do Men to Opt for the Adult Circumcision Surgery?

Why Do Men to Opt for the Adult Circumcision Surgery?

For over a thousand years, penis circumcision remains a fact for men in all corners of the globe, but then again, a great amount of controversy also surrounds this practice of the removal of the male foreskin. Although the tradition itself generally related to the religious and cultural convention, the medical profession cites countless health issues that relate to the adult circumcision surgery, both in opposition and support to the surgical procedure.

For adult males today, the debate is purely academic, since the decision about the circumcision surgery is one made for them in their early life. On the other hand, for most adults who consider circumcision of their penis, the reasons often hurl around cosmetic or health reasons. It is vital to consider both sides of the problems or issues since this will help you to make a well-informed decision about your penis care.

Here are some reasons why men opt for the adult circumcision and the possible disadvantages.

Improved Hygiene and Decreased Risks of Infections

In the area under the foreskin, an accumulation of body oils, various body fluids, and sloughed-off skin cells is something, not something that people consider uncommon. Fluids from this area go by with the name “smegma,” and it can become a haven for microbial invaders and other bacteria, often leading to foul odors and increases the risks of some infection types. The supporters of this surgery point out that removal of the foreskin through a Circumcision Center surgery helps to eliminate this issue and makes the penis more pleasant, less prone to infections.

Decreases the Risks of Injury and Discomfort to the Penis

In infants, the foreskin of the penis helps to cover the glans entirely and it is not possible to retract it without a surgery. When boys reach maturity, the foreskin, in general, retracts easily and when they reach adulthood, it will usually retract fully over the penis head. In some cases, however, men may develop a condition “phimosis,” which prevents men from retracting their foreskin fully. In most cases, this issue makes intimate times painful to the point that it becomes unbearable.

Men uncircumcised may develop a similar condition that goes by the term “paraphimosis,” which means the retracted foreskin traps behind the head of the penis, cutting down the supply of blood to the penis glans. When this occurs, it is a medical emergency because if you leave it untreated, it will not treat on time. At such times, cutting the foreskin off completely will eliminate the possibility of injuries to occur.

Decreases the Risks of Serious Diseases

In recent research, especially with men in regions of Africa, removal of the foreskin of the penis indicates a drastic decrease in the risks of men contracting as well as spreading the HIV virus. For most people in the medical community, just this finding alone is enough to support the adult circumcision in all cases. Some studies indicate that removal of the foreskin of the penis decreases the risks of penile cancer. In addition, circumcision helps to prevent conditions like phimosis, balanitis, allow men to maintain proper hygiene.

The Possible Disadvantages

  • Loss of Feeling in the Penis

Among some of those people who oppose the idea of the adult circumcision surgery, the most compelling argument hinges on the research that demonstrated that the adult circumcision and the glans exposure results in significant loss in the feel of the penis. Medical researchers also point out that much of the nerve tissue of the penis is in the foreskin and circumcised men report a loss in the sensation in the penis. Then again, some studies report that there is no loss in the sensation of the penis, following the adult circumcision.

  • No Genuine Medical Benefits: Practitioners in the field of medicine also argue there is no proven medical benefit to the foreskin removal and hence, it is not a necessary procedure. The penis foreskin serves the main purpose of protecting the tissue (underlying tissue) from environmental damage and friction. According to experts, proper care and attention to cleanliness underneath the foreskin of the penis negates the issues that relate to poor hygiene.

Penis Care Essentials

Regardless of whether a man is cut or uncut, proper care of the penis is important when it comes to maintaining health. Use a clean cloth with some soap and wipe the surface every now and then. In order to prevent irritation and drying that leads to soreness, scaly appearance, a cracked look, and discomfort during intercourse, a high-quality moisturizer like Shea butter will help to hydrate the skin and keep it supple.

To maintain the underlying tissues, vitamins like A, C, and D help promote the formation of a new, healthy and connective tissue. To support the nerve function for optimum feeling in the penis, some amino acids are sectionals. Vitamin C helps to keep the penile tissue oxygenated.

For both circumcises and uncircumcised men, the use of penis health crème like Man 1 Man Oil is ideal to use since it is rich in all nutrients that help.

The decision to opt for the adult circumcision surgery remains one based on personal preference. However, if you are planning to opt for this procedure, it is advisable that you consult your healthcare provider.

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