What’s and How’s of Indian Wedding Cards

What’s and How’s of Indian Wedding Cards

The excitement the wedding caste on your nerves is equivalent to the nervousness and confusion you have while the whole wedding planning. For instance, selecting the design of your wedding invite is no less difficult in choosing the perfect outfit for the “D-Day”. Or selecting the theme of the Indian wedding cards that go with the theme of the wedding is puzzling itself. While as a bride or a groom, you are excited about your wedding, there are certain things that need to be taken care of for the perfect wedding.

The first of all of it is the “Indian wedding Invites”. As the leading designer of wedding cards, we are answering a few commonly asked questions from our clientele in order to help you in planning the wedding invite and wedding a perfect affair of your life.

  1. What information should be included in Indian wedding cards?

We know how the couple wants to get all creative when it comes to their wedding invites, but the creativity in communicating the substantial information is a bit of risk. The reason is probably people are not able to interpret it accordingly or they get confused and they won’t come. While you probably have stumbled upon several articles and blogs, explaining what to include and what not, the crux is to go with

  • Who is getting married?

  • When is the wedding?

  • Where is the wedding?

  • What time is scheduled for different ceremonies?

  1. How to address the Indian wedding cards?

People tend to have this illusion that if you are going with a formal wedding, the invitation should include conventional honorific. Yes, they are used as a “token of respect” but there is no hard and fast rule of including that in your wedding invitations to while addressing your guests. You can use them or totally skip it. Instead, you should address your wedding invite by the name they use in general. If you’re using them, then the children need to be addressed as master or miss if you are going with western style for addressing your Indian wedding cards. Also, women married or unmarried are using the title Ms. And the men are going with classic Mr. If you are using the honorific, be sure to use them correctly or don’t use them at all.

  1. When to send the Indian wedding cards to guests?

Well, the standard rule says that the ideal time to send the wedding invites is 7-8 weeks prior to the due date. But as per the current framework, it is suitable when the wedding is just a local family affair. If your guests are living in different corners of the world, the ideal time to send the Indian wedding cards is three months prior to the wedding date. This gives them the time to make the necessary travel arrangements because, to be honest, flight booking is not that easy. So it gives them the ample time to make necessary arrangements for traveling while it gives you the time to make the best of arrangement for them as well.

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