What Makes Gerbils an Excellent Pet?

What Makes Gerbils an Excellent Pet?

Gerbils make great pets because of their friendly nature. If you are a first-time pet owner, or if you want a small pet, then bringing home a gerbil is just right for you. They are very playful, and children adore them because they are oh-so-cute. They have excellent social skills, and you will soon fall head over heels in love with them. Here is why they make excellent pets.

1. Cuddly and Cute

It is hard not to fall in love with your gerbil when they look up to you with big, round eyes. They have soft little hands and a cute tail that will steal your heart right away. If you want your pet to be cute, gerbils should top your list of preferred pets.

2. Playful and Friendly

Unlike other rodents, a gerbil quickly becomes domesticated, and you will soon find it wanting to play with you. Give them toys, and they will frolic around with them. They will hop on your hand or play with your hair. It could take a while for them to warm up to you or become acquainted, but then they will be all yours.

3. They Don’t Bite

Since gerbils usually don’t bite, they are considered very safe pets. So if anyone in your house is scared of animals and is reluctant to get a pet just because they might bite, then gerbils are the safest choice. Even if they do nip your fingers, it might be because they are scared and not because they are irritated. They have the calmest disposition, so give them a safe environment, and they will be okay.

4. Good Sleep Routines

These cute creatures are always nocturnal like most pets, so it’s not as if you won’t get to play with them till it is very late. They sleep during the day and are active in the evenings. And since they like to rest after a little exertion, they will again rest at night. You can play with them in the afternoon and evenings again.

5. Easy to Care

Gerbils have excellent social skills, and they are easy to tame, so it is also easy to care for them. All they need is a suitable enclosure and nutritious diet, and you won't have to worry about much else. They may be tiny, but they are not very delicate. They are uncomplicated creatures, and it is easy to build a trustful relationship with them.

6. Good for Children

While most children want a dog or a kitten, every household cannot keep them. However, gerbils are great pets for kids too. Since they do not bite and they are very friendly, you have to teach the kids how to handle a gerbil properly in the initial days. After that, they will enjoy each other's company. Even if you are late to reach home from work, your kid will love the time they spend with their gerbils.

A gerbil is also odorless, and they produce very little mess. It is easy to keep them clean and look after them. So, if you were considering bringing home a friendly and low-maintenance pet, a gerbil is just right for you.

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