What is the USMLE Exam? Why is USMLE Important?

What is the USMLE Exam? Why is USMLE Important?

When you become a doctor and jump into their professional life, then you need to prove your skills and knowledge capabilities. Firstly, we need to know what the USMLE exam is? USMLE stands for the United States Medical Licensing Examination that included three steps examining medical licensure across the US. This licensure is proved for your capabilities and authenticity as a physician. So, this article provides information for various aspects of USMLE. For instance, it tells the benefits, purpose, passing ratio, and steps of the exams.

Importance of the USMLE exam for students:

USMLE is supported by the NBME (National Board of Medical Exams) and FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards. All and sundry physician who have the MD degree is necessitate to must pass this exam earlier, being allowed to experience their duties in medicine across the United States. So, here the question arises; why are USMLE exams important? In this regard, such exams are important to polish the med candidates' skills and examine how they apply their skills, values, and attitudes in their practical life. Also, this exam finds the skills in patient-centred scenarios and circumstances. It makes the physicians worthwhile for their future and capable of dealing with any problem. It portrays that you have the licensing authorities those you operate in your job.

Purpose of USMLE exam:

The main purpose of USMLE is to evaluate the ability of physicians to apply knowledge, principles, and concepts. Also, it regulates basic patients centred skills that are imperative to cure any disease and health issue. It establishes safe and effective relationships among patients and doctors for patient care. So, examination committees construct the medical clinicians and educators from across the United States. And, every year, the territories develop the examinations materials and test items for the candidates. Moreover, at least two committees critically evaluate each test item, and they have the authority to revise or discard any changes.

Benefits of USMLE exams:

As for med students, you are able to get various benefits that help you nourish and expand your life experiences. Let us know about the benefits of getting USMLE Exams for you that are enlisting below for you.

  • After passing these exams, you can apply for the fellowship and residency in the USA
  • As a med student’s, you avail the better options for the research facilities and academics
  • Such exams make source to fasten the green card processing for you
  • Candidate acquire the lifetime validity of The Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates certificates (ECFMG certificate)
  • Attain the acceptance to work in Australia, Canada, Qatar, and Dubai.

Steps of USMLE exams:

As you know, these exams contain three steps 1 is about the knowledge of basic sciences, step 2 is for clinical knowledge and clinical skill, and step 3 is final exam =that primary focus on the items of patient management skills. So let us see further detail of these three steps of USMLE exams:

Step 1:

USMLE Step 1 is a one-day computer exam that is conducted by med students. Add to this, most of the students give a test at the end of the second-year medical school. And, foreign students are also welcome to give this exam if they have the utmost desire to practice in the USA. So, the step includes around 280 multiple choices that every candidate completed in the spans of 8 hours of testing. So you can break in the blocks with time, but the most suitable block is 40 items in 1 –hour. Furthermore, these steps encompass basic science principles, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, and behavioural science.

Step 2:

The USMLE Steps 2 CK designed exam to determine either the examinees use clinical and medical knowledge or not. It also shows either the candidate has an essential understanding of clinical science and care. It includes 318 questions with the spans of 9 hours for completion and contains the exam two formats to design the paper. One is the single answer matching and single best answer. Furthermore, the major focus of step 2 on patient-centred questions and vignettes.

Step 2:

This step focus to explore the clinical and communication skills that are measured in the enlisting areas:

  • Making decisions
  • Information provision
  • Gathering information
  • Supporting emotions
  • Enabling patient behaviours
  • Fostering the relationship
  • Integrated clinical encounter

Step 3:

This step is a 2-day computerized exam in which the examinee solves around 500 multiple-choice questions. Moreover, computer-based case simulations also evaluate your ability to deal with the history and physical exam information, select initial therapies, diagnostic tests, and manage the patients. The major focus of USMLE step 3 is on patient management, like 45 to 5% items. It also includes other topics and adjusts to the remaining items.

The passing ratio of USMLE exams:

If you want to apply for USMLE, you must know the passing ratio and acceptance rate. Then, this thought creates the applicant's question: What is the passing ratio of USMLE exams? So the passing ratio varies from step to steps, but some criteria as per the information on the official USMLE website are enlisting below for you:

Step 1 passing criteria:

  • 73% for international medical school graduates
  • 94% for US MD graduates
  • 89% of the US DO graduates

Step 2 passing criteria:

  • 97% for US MD graduates (98% for US MD for clinical)
  • 93% for the US DO graduates (88% for the US DO for clinical)

Step 3 passing criteria:

  • 78% for international medical school graduates
  • 97% for US MD graduates
  • 94% for the US DO graduates

USMLE exams fees:

When you think of applying for USMLE exams, the first thought that comes to your mind is what the cost of taking USMLE exams is? Although the fees of USMLE exams are reasonable for candidates in 2020, it has effective enhancement. So here are some points that depict the fees for USMLE applicant for you:

  • Fees for applying ECFMG certificate is $ 145
  • For each registration of USMLE step 1 and Step 2, clinical knowledge is $965
  • The examination free step 2 clinical skills are $1600
  • If the candidate needs some extension of eligibility time duration for USMLE step 1 and steps 2, CK is $90
  • For rescheduling, a step 2 trail appointment candidate pay is -$1300
  • The fee for certification testing USMLE step 1 and Step 2 is $85
  • The fees for certification verification service ( CVS) is $55
  • The application fee for J-1 sponsorship is $350

Ending up things:

The discussion mentioned above is quite evident to demonstrate the different aspects of USMLE exams. Also, it tells about what the USMLE exam is and why it is important. You can become aware of the passing ratio in the USMLE exams to get success. It delivers the steps of USMLE exams and their criteria. After knowing this information and the value of USMLE, now you are ready to apply for this exam.

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