What is the Scope of Electrical Engineering In India

What is the Scope of Electrical Engineering In India

Are you willing to become an electrical engineer? First of all, you should be aware of the scope of electrical engineering in India before you pursue this high-potential form of engineering. The study of electricity production, transmission and distribution is the major part of electrical engineering.

You become familiar with various topics of computers, electrical, electronics and communication. Electrical engineering is a promising field and once you are done with B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, the scope is ample in India. Let’s discuss how you prosper with electrical engineering.

Job Responsibilities of Electrical Engineers

  • Evaluation of Systems- An electrical engineer evaluates electrical machines, systems and their components & applications. They conduct research programs for upgrading the products.
  • Testing- Testing the designing methods to confirm the capabilities of systems and components is also a major function performed by electrical engineers.
  • Studying Customer Requirements- What do the customers need? If an electrical engineer knows this, he can design a product accordingly.
  • Modifying the systems- Electrical engineers are entrusted with the responsibility of modifying the systems with ongoing research in R&D wings.
  • Optimizing the efficiency- The focus by electrical engineers is laid on designing and developing highly efficient machines and systems.
  • Electricity generation- Controlling the equipment for the production of right amount of electricity is also part of electrical engineer’s role.
  • Guiding all the steps of electrical development- Keep in view the customer requisites and specifications, ensuring manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation and testing as per industry standards.
  • Establishing electricity distribution channels- Electrical engineers also perform the duties for smooth transmission and distribution of electrical energy and telecommunication.

Electrical engineers are given so many responsibilities and the career options available for them are future-proof. Irrespective of the nature of the industry, they are useful for any industry. Hence, the scope of growth is limitless. The usual positions they acquire are:

  • Assistant Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Purchase and Quality Control Executive
  • Automation Engineer
  • Plant designing and planning officer

Public as well as private sectors frequently issue the job notifications for electrical engineers specifically. They stand a great chance to work with some of the very reputed firms at very handsome packages. Apart from the promising career, the electrical engineers are the reputable people within the society.

Final Words

A seminar organized at one of the campuses of Mahindra Educational Institutions witnessed the presence of industry-leaders from electrical engineering background. They addressed the youth with the gaining scope in electrical engineering. The adequate light was thrown on the future of electrical engineering in India as well as abroad.

The students having doubts and queries in their minds could share the same with the experts and found the right solutions. This info-session turned out to be a treasure trove of knowledge for the students. And, it really showed the significance of electrical engineering with the immense potential for the engineers who seek to nurture their career in this field.

If you are looking to get admission in B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, then don’t be in any doubt regarding your future. Just concentrate on your skill development while pursuing this course.

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