What Do You Use To Seal Tile Floors?

What Do You Use To Seal Tile Floors?

Tiles flooring offers a great overall look and appearance for kitchen, bathrooms and living areas. But without appropriate cleaning and tile sealing, it’s too much hard to increase the durability and protection of tiles. Moreover, you need to uninstall the old floor and install the new to tackle all these issues over time. so, it’s better to focus on the cleaning and protection of tiles earlier to save yourself from large investments. Because tiles in the kitchen and bathroom areas are more prone to dirt and dust due to moisture. For this, you need to keep the floor dry appropriately to save the tiles as well as the environment from humidity.

However, you don’t need to get professional cleaning services all the time for tiles. Because you can minimize the cleaning effort and time by increasing the protection level of tiles. For this, you need to choose appropriate tiles sealers to protect the inner surface of the floor as well as tiles.

Because it offers great protection against water and moisture from penetrating it inside the tiles. Furthermore, you can clean the stains and spills on the tiles efficiently by having the professional sealing of tiles.

Reasons For Sealing:

No doubt, all the tiles don’t require the protective layer such as natural stones and slate tiles. But the protective layer of tiles become dull and damage over time. For this, it’s better to seal the natural stones and tiles as well. On the other hand, sealant offers better protection and appearance of tiles by adding more shine.

However, if you leave the natural stones and glazed tiles then it's okay but for the less foot traffic areas. Otherwise, sealing is the safest solution to protect the tiles from moisture and mould growth due to water. So, the damages will be minimized with the help of sealant. It will save the floor from hard stains as well as damages due to moisture and water.

Tile Sealing Process:

Tiles sealers are available in different types and forms. So, one can choose it accordingly the types of tiles and floor requirements. Because if you are not choosing the appropriate sealant for the tiles then it will not offer the desired protection to the tiles against water and stains.

With the help of the right type of sealer, you can enhance the protection as well as the shine of tiles by restoring the beauty of tiles.

Focus On The Types Of Tiles:

Before buying a sealer, focus on the type of floor as well as tiles to make a better decision. However, if you don’t know about the types of the floor then go for the professional assistance related to sealant for tiles flooring. On the other hand, you can also check the type of sealant by testing different types on a smaller area of tiles.

Choose Appropriate Sealant:

Select the type of sealant accordingly needs and requirements of the floor. There are mainly two types of sealant penetrating and non-penetrating. So, the penetrating sealer is a good choice for kitchen and bathroom areas that required more protection against water. However, the non-penetrating sealant is suitable to protect the fewer traffic areas.

Clean The Tiles Before Sealing:

It’s always necessary to clean the tiles before coating any type of sealant on it. Because sealer will not offer a smooth texture over the dirty tiles. On the other hand, it will not offer the desired protection to the tiles that are already having stains and spills. For this, it’s better to clean the tiles appropriately with the help of a mild cleaner. Otherwise, the dirt and dust will stick on the tiles permanently under the protective layer.

Moreover, dry the floor after cleaning at least for one day before applying sealer. Otherwise, the sealer will not offer protection to the tiles appropriately and effectively.

Apply Sealant Accordingly Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

The types of sealant are different as well as the manufacturer's recommendations and suggestions. So, you need to install and dry the sealant accordingly manufacturer’s recommendations to get better results. On the other hand, you can simply wipe in and wipe out the sealant over the tiles with the help of a sponge. Let the solution dry on the tiles at least for 24 hours. Use a wet and soft sponge to clean the excess sealant on the tiles.

Furthermore, you can also coat the tiles again and again if required for enhanced protection. After completing the sealing process, let the floor dry completely before using it for a walk.

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