What Do I need to know about Colored contact lenses?

What Do I need to know about Colored contact lenses?

Want to change how you look? Go for colored contact lenses! Contact lenses not only change your eye color but also enhance your look and give you an overall different aura. You can create a number of subtle and bold looks with the variety of lenses that are available. Anyone can wear contact lenses; you should just know how to pick the right one for the right occasion.

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Contact lenses can be available in two forms, Plano and prescription forms. A bit of information is provided on both of these forms below:

  • Prescription color contacts: These are made for vision correction along with enhancing features and highlighting your look and appearance. They are available for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
  • Plano color contacts: These are not for vision correction and purely for cosmetic reasons for people who want to change the color or their eyes to enhance their looks.

To understand how contact lenses work, one needs to know a bit about the eye. The eye consists of the iris, the colored part, and the pupil, the clear center part. Contact lenses mimic the iris and have many lines, dots and shapes similar to the original anatomy of the iris so that they give a more natural look. The center part is left empty and clear so that you can see just as easily as without contacts.


Many types of lenses are available to change your eye color. Some types are discussed below:

  • Enhancement tint lenses:

As the name suggests, they are supposed to enhance the natural color of the eyes. If you have lighter eyes, these may be good for you. But for people with darker eyes, these do not work that well.

  • Color tint lenses:

Again, as the name implies, these lenses are meant to completely change the color of the eyes. These are suitable for dark and light eyes both.

  • Theatrical lenses

These are special effect lenses and mostly used on special occasions for example Halloween, costume parties, themed parties and other similar events.

Which one is right for you?

While choosing a color, you need to take many factors into account. How often will you wear them? Do you need them for special occasions or office use? What is the color of your eyes? Are your eyes dark or light? Does the color you want complement your face and enhance your look? Below are some advices that will help you to choose the right color for yourself.

  • Light eyes

For a subtle look, you may use enhancement tint lenses that will bring out the natural eye color. If you want to change the color completely, grey, green or blue might be a good option, especially for fair skinned people. For occasions, you can choose blue-red or blue-green contacts to stand out and make an appearance.

  • Dark eyes

For dark eyes, light colors are generally recommended. Some wonderful colors that could enhance your look are hazel, light brown or honey brown. These colors are soft and warm and will give a nice glow and highlight to your face. For occasions, you could go for green, violet or light blue. These contacts would suit tremendously on people with dark eyes, especially ones who have a darker skin tone.

Colored contacts: Are they safe?

In most cases, yes. But they need to be properly worn and cared for. It is recommended you see an eye doctor who can advise you whether it is okay for you to be wearing lenses and for proper fitting and to determine the correct number of the lens, especially if you are myopic or hyperopic.

If you follow all the given instructions regarding the care and washing of the contacts as well as how long to use them and when to replace them, it is highly improbable they will cause any harm or problem to your eyes. We have some ideas that we are sharing for you to ever avoid developing any problem because of the use of contact lenses:

  • No borrowing or sharing contacts. NEVER. Buy your own, use your own.
  • Clean them properly. Every time you use them, you need to disinfect them and keep them in their proper place.
  • NEVER sleep with contacts on.
  • Do NOT wear contacts if you get an eye infection, itchy or red eyes or any kind of eye problem.

There are many companies selling colored contacts. Some sell it cheap while others are very expensive. However, it is recommended that you avoid low quality contact lenses, which doesn't necessarily means cheap colored contact lenses as some trustworthy retailers also sell quality contact lenses for lower prices than their competitors so always look for better quality so that there would be no chance of causing harm to the eyes.

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