Wedding Specials: How to Make Hotel COMFORTABLE for Honeymooners!

Wedding Specials: How to Make Hotel COMFORTABLE for Honeymooners!

There are more than a million weddings every year in the USA. That’s why all the local hotels pay their special attention to newly-married couples. Of course, honeymooners bring much profit! The hotels usually have special offers for couples and specially equipped suites. Honestly, hotel managers get more profit from the honeymooners than from the usual travelers. You should book a suite, rent a luxury wedding car, book a restaurant, and pay for the wedding ceremony. You can arrange a ceremony in your native city or pick any other place. How about Boston, LA, New York? Go online and compare prices. So, let’s start with the car rental.

How much does your wedding rental car cost?

Car decoration is a piece of work for wedding designers. But your task is to rent a good car. The prices are different, depending on what budget you have. Exotic car rental in Boston, MA will cost you $90 per day minimum. But you don’t need a car for the whole day. Hourly car rental is available and not a moment too soon if you want to get a nice classic car. How about Audi A8 or Mercedes S-Class? This is the best stylish choice for your big day.


Picking the hotel for your honeymoon, check all special services and offers for just married.

1. Check a honeymoon section on the hotel website

First of all, go to the hotel’s website to check their special offers for honeymooners. Sure enough, you need privacy, comfort, and romance. It must be a unique experience for your couple! Of course, you may stay in a luxury suite with the most impressive design and for the highest price. But if you don’t want to waste much money for your stay, check what other hotels have to offer to fulfill your honeymoon wishes.

2. Tea hours

As a rule, the suite colors are light and neutral, helping to relax and enjoy your time together. It is important if your hotel gives you a chance to have dinner or just a cup of tea without leaving your room. Of course, you can visit a hotel restaurant or next corner cafe. How about tea for two? Check if your room is equipped with a tea or coffee set. There must be tea bags, some milk, sugar, honey, and a lemon. It would be great to find a matching teapot on a small design table!

3. Welcome gift

What is the first thing you notice when you come into the room? It must be a king size bed! You will be pleased if you see flowers on the pillow or blanket! When it comes to newly-married, hotels go even far and send some good wine, cookies and sweets, fruits and chocolates. A welcome gift is always needed and appreciated!

4. Glass and mirrors

There must be a large mirror in the room and in the bathroom. They must be masterfully framed with wood and decorative elements. Forget about plastic water bottles in the room. They look really cheap. There must be glass everywhere! Look at the table! You can find some glass carafes, polished glasses, plates, trays, and vases.

5. Travel guide

Don’t be surprised! Hotel is not only a place with a luxury interior to stay in. This is also your first helper in a new city. Of course, most of the time you want to spend with your beloved one. But what if you are not going to stay in bathrobes all day? You need a guide on where to go and what to see. As a rule, hotel manager will suggest you special activities, popular travel routes, and interesting plan to investigate the city. Do you want to shop, buy souvenirs or a new family blanket? Need ideas? It is not a problem to visit a hotel SPA and take a massage.

6. Romantic atmosphere with candlelight

No one will disturb you in your suite. It would be great if hotel interior is polished with lights. You can turn the overhead light off if you need to create a kind of romantic atmosphere. You need mirror lamps, wall bras, and standard lamps. You can always turn the lights down low for special occasions. Add some flowers, candles, glassware and you are ready for the dinner.

Every hotel has something special to offer. They can impress you with a chic restaurant, special SPA procedures, menu for romantic dinner. But first of all, the hotel can really impress you with a high service and hospitable atmosphere. Early check out is not for honeymooners! It would be great if you are allowed to leave the hotel when you are ready and pay nothing for these extra hours. That must be the biggest present they can give you, even bigger than a honeymoon package or a bunch of fresh flowers in the room.

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