Ways Vitamin C Supplement Is Good For The Body

Ways Vitamin C Supplement Is Good For The Body

In order to make your body strong enough to fight diseases with strong immune system, consuming Vitamin C foods and its supplements is vital as it has many role in the body which is linked to many health benefits. This post is all about Vitamin C supplement consumption and the different ways it is healthy for the body. Read to know in detail.

For a good healthy diet, every mineral and vitamin consumption is important for a balanced diet. Often, we miss out on the wholesome diet which is why a deficiency of vitamin occurs and the role of vitamin supplements come into the picture. While there is much food in which vitamin c is presented naturally, like citrus fruits, tomatoes, and potatoes, often the consumption is not enough to eliminate the deficiency. Therefore, there are enormous reasons why buying vitamin c powder is a good decision to add to the diet.

Facts about Vitamin C:

Before finding the benefits of this Vitamin into the body, some of the facts about Vitamin C which one must know are:

  • It is water-soluble vitamin which is found in many fruits and vegetables like oranges, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, kale, spinach, and broccoli.
  • Recommended daily intake: For women: 75mg and for men: 90mg.
  • The dosage of vitamin c supplements would be different for the different patient as per the deficiency and severity to gain it back.
  • High doses of vitamin c can also cause many health issues like blood problems, diabetes, haemolytic anaemia, kidney stone, etc.

Includes antioxidants which improve the immune system and fights diseases:

Vitamin C has antioxidants that helps boosts the immune system by protecting the cells from the free radicals. Consuming more of vitamin c in any form helps to increase the level of the blood antioxidants which helps fight against chronic diseases like heart diseases.

Help battles high blood pressure:

Approximately, one-third of the people in the US have high blood pressure which is the main reasons for enormous death globally. Moreover, the study has found that Vitamin C supplements help in relaxing the blood vessels which carry the blood to all the parts of the body from the heart and reduces blood pressure levels.

Helps to fight heart diseases and its factors:

With the heart disease becoming the major death reason worldwide, buying ascorbic acid and consuming it effectively can even help reduce the heart diseases risk. However, with analysis, it has been noted that approx. 500mg of vitamin c supplements, when consumed daily, can reduce the heart risk as they lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides.

Help prevent gout attack:

While the joint pains have become common among the masses, gout is a type of arthritis which has affected most of the people which involves inflammation of the joints leading to severe pain attacks. This is mainly due to excess of uric acid which is released by the body and accumulated at the joints. With the use of vitamin c and its supplements can help reduce the uric acid in the blood and can reduce the gout pain attack.

Reduces Iron deficiencies by improving absorption:

Like vitamins, Iron is another very important nutrient for the body as it helps in making red blood cells and helps to transport oxygen to all the parts. With the help of buying vitamin c powder and consuming it, one can improve the absorption of iron into the diet. As small as 100mg of vitamin c can improve iron absorption by 67%.

Protects memory and thinking:

With age, the symptoms of poor thinking and memory increases leading to Dementia. While the disease affects over 35 million people worldwide, the consumption of vitamin c being a strong antioxidant can help protect effect on thinking and memory.

While there are endless benefits of Vitamin C foods and supplements, buying ascorbic acid and consuming can also help in many unproven benefits. Some of them include the benefit of reducing the severity of cold, helps reduce the risk of some of the cancers, helps protect the eyes against many diseases like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and may also treat toxicity. Overall, it is a great supplement to add to the diet in order to boost immunity and let the body fight against diseases.

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