Vital Rules Of Air Conditioning To Follow A Healthy Life

Vital Rules Of Air Conditioning To Follow A Healthy Life

Air conditioners are an amazing invention that makes sure you remain safe and comfortable in your home during the hot and scorching summer season. It cools the room almost instantly and relieves you from the heat. Yet this machine that does all the probable good things to you also may be in need of some pampering.

Yes, like every other machine this also has a couple of rules to be followed while you use them if you want to lead a healthy life. Here are a few vital rules of air conditioning to follow a healthy life.

Get the room size correct

You can see a lot of AC variants in the market, from 0.5 ton to 1ton to 2tons even. It works on the basis of your room size. Generally, if your room size is 10ft by 10ft, a 1ton AC can suffice and cool your room within 15mins. However, beyond 100sqft room size, 1 Ton cannot work that well, so that you will need to upgrade to 1.5Ton. Always choose power wisely. Don't tend to save up on the tons, otherwise, you will lose up the money in electricity bill anyway, as lower powered AC will take longer time to cool bigger space and increase the burn in your pocket.

Turn it on a regular basis

One of the most obvious mistakes that you tend to make while owning an air conditioner is that you do not use it as often. This common mistake leads to a couple of issues with your air conditioning system. One of the primaries of them being the dysfunction of the machine. Another problem that can arise is that your air conditioning machine gets dirty as it does not work often which can cause you a sum of money on maintenance. Hence always get your air conditioner in working condition as much as possible.

Utilize the Sleep Mode

Every AC has a sleep mode which makes sure the AC is turned off after a certain period of time. It can be varied from 1hour to 6 hours. Utilize the sleep mode to save more power and stop wasting electricity unnecessarily. Sleep mode is a very efficient feature; it can also moderate the temperature as per the room condition and weather condition outside. Make sure to make use of it. Except for sleep mode, there are also a lot of modes and features which can help you in a number of ways, but it varies from machine to machine. High-end air conditioning machines can provide you with a better value of money.

Service it yearly

Your air conditioning machine has two units. One is the front machine which exhales the cool wind and ventilates the hot air of the room to the outdoor unit. Another one is the outdoor unit which actually cools the room. Both units need proper servicing every year, at least once. Twice is better. A servicing includes cleaning of the dirt tray, where the dirt of the room gets stored while exhaling the hot air. After cleaning it you will immediately see your AC is working better. One can perform the cleaning at his own as well, but it is recommended to get it done by a professional to avoid any kind of damage to the AC or to the person doing it. Except this, it also needs to check if the condenser is properly working or not. All these things need to be checked routinely.

Use your Ceiling Fan

Many of the people believe that AC and Fan should not be used at the same time. But it is a myth. Both of them can work like wonder and cools down the room 2X faster. AC blows out the cool wind and Fan circulates it to the whole room. In this way, the temperature of the room drops down immediately. Make sure to close all the windows, doors and cover all the ventilators before using AC.

Air conditioning is a machine that needs to be kept properly in order to make it function in its top condition. So, take care of this one to enjoy a cool and cozy experience.

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