Video Interview Software For Recruiters

Video Interview Software For Recruiters

Video interview software is built to make initial screening automated, faster, and cost-effective. An online interviewing tool shifts your hiring process on a virtual platform and automates the hiring activities. It increases coordination between the hiring managers and the candidates and allows you to select star talent from worldwide. A digital solution makes your hiring global and increase your access to the candidates sitting at home. It improves employer branding and widens your visibility to millions of candidates participating in the interview process.

You can record unlimited interviews of the candidates and anlialyze the candidates' soft skills, non-verbal expressions, and professional etiquette before calling them in for in-person interviews. A video interview software can help recruiters standardizes their recruitment. It ensures better access to candidates and a fairer recruitment process. Video interviewing enables you to escape from one-by-one telephonic screening and allows you to screen a lot of candidates at the same time and shortlist the most suitable candidates automatically. It increases the professional approaches of your HR team and makes it a tech-savvy talent acquisition team.

Why recruiters need video interview software?

An interviewing tool is specifically designed to screen millions of candidates at the same time and narrow down the list of applicants in higher stages of the interview. This makes the recruitment process shorter, faster, and more convenient than ever. Check out this post to know why video interview software has become inevitable for recruiters:

Make your hiring global: A one-way virtual interview helps you break your geographical limitations and widens your hiring worldwide. You can connect to worldwide talent, interact with them, and hire the best fit for the position. Virtual hiring enriches employers' branding, allowing you to improve your business's performances. You can participate in the interview process and review &score the responses remotely, using a virtual interviewing tool. The online interviewing tool has become more beneficial as it reduces investment in hiring logistics and makes hiring effective.

Observe the candidate going beyond CV: You have often gone through several CVs that make towering promises on paper, but when you meet the applicants in real, it proves disappointing when meeting the candidate in person. A video interview software allows you to observe the candidates' soft skills and non-verbal expression going beyond what has been mentioned on paper. And call a candidate in for an in-person interview only after you satisfy. This process makes interviews fairer and convenient than ever before.

Unlimited recording facility: Recruiters can record unlimited interviews of the candidates and use it to compare a candidate from the rest. With online interview software, you can better analyze the candidate's ability and improve your decision-making.

Shortlist the most suitable candidates: With a virtual interviewing tool, you can screen millions of candidates at the same time and shortlist the most suitable among them for higher stages interviews. Besides, it can help you narrow down the list of candidates and make in-person interviews effective.

Make your interview asynchronous: You don't need to be present in real-time when a candidate is recording responses. With an automated online video interview, you can record questions once for all remotely. Similarly, the candidates can also record themselves answering the question from anywhere that makes hiring flexible and asynchronous. This process helps recruiters increase interview conversion rates and improves the quality of hire.

Online video interview tools allow recruiters to leave feedback, review & score the candidates from afar. And share the candidate's responses to colleagues just in a single click.

Are you looking for a digital video interview tool to improve your interviewing experience? If so, then Jobma digital solution is a perfect tool for you. You can visit the official website of Jobma and request a free demo to know about its features and interviewing pricing in detail.

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