Various Types and Designs of Toilet Seat Hinges for Your Toilet

Various Types and Designs of Toilet Seat Hinges for Your Toilet

The toilet seat can be fixed on to the toilet pan with the help of hinges. These hinges help the toilet seat open and close effectively and helps keep them in place. If the hinges for a toilet seat are not good quality or the right type, then the toilet seat is often fitted clumsily and clatters and wobbles a lot. Some home improvement and bathroom tips for you.

Bar Hinges for the Toilet Seat

The bar hinges are the traditional styles hinges. They have two hinges on either side of the seat and the pan which have a bar or a rod passing through them. They keep the hinges aligned and also do not let the seat open and close in a wobbly manner. These bar hinges for the toilet seat are available in various finishes like the Chrome Toilet Seat Hinges and the antique gold finishes.

Take off Toilet Seat Hinges

The take-off hinges look great in a contemporary styled bathroom. They are easy to use. you can open and close the seat easily. And also take it off. Just pull the seat and the part of the hinge attached to the seat will come out of the groove affixed on the toilet pan. It is more hygienic and easy to clean the toilet if you use the take-off hinges.

Hinge Sets

The hinge sets are the basic type of hinges that are fitted on either side of the toilet seat. They come in chrome as well as antique gold finishes as well as specially designed Wooden Toilet Seat Hinges. These can be used for the contemporary styling as well as for the traditional styled wooden toilet seats.

Soft Close Seat Hinges

The soft close toilet seats are the latest trend and have become a must for every toilet. We heard a lot about it like how they are safer and do not snap shut. They open and close slowly and hence good if you have kids or the elderly in your house. But the secret of the soft closing of the seats is not the seat but the hinges. There are high-quality hinges that hold back the toilet seat and case a slow open and close motion and do not let the seat snap shut.

6 Piece Creative Hinges

The six-piece toilet seat hinges are actually fun for the DIY fans. They can be creatively used and pieces and be interlocked for a perfectly open and close motion. They come in a set and are attached on either side of the toilet seat and the pan.

Choose the Right Hinges for a Perfect Toilet

The important points of consideration for a great toilet are that your toilet seat should fit well upon your toilet pan. Before you buy hinges for the toilet check out for the distance between the drilled holes on the pan and choose the correct ones accordingly.

Make sure than after fixing the toilet seat on the pan it doesn’t wobble. In case it does check out if you have fixed the hinges well. The hinges should be great quality and well finished to match the décor of your bathroom. Moreover, the hinges are sure to be splashed with water throughout the day. So a good quality will ensure that they do not rust easily. There are various materials that are used to make the hinges like the traditional brass, stainless steel and high-quality plastics.

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