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User-Generated Content - How To Showcase It On Website

User-Generated Content - How To Showcase It On Website

There has been great hype around the user-generated content among the brands and marketers with the reasons being immense benefits for brand growth and success.

Digital & social media has become a hub of user-generated content and brands have been using it for their advantage on social media but the challenge has been to garner the same or better results on their digital storefronts i.e. website as well.

To counter the challenges of engagement & conversions on websites, brands & marketers constantly look for content that can help them achieve their goals and user-generated content has emerged as the perfect solution.

What Is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is any content available on the social media and digital platforms that has been shared by the users and in the business context, it is when users share content that is about the brands and their products/services.

User-generated content is the most reliable, trustworthy, and authentic form of content that is shared by the real people based on their experiences, ideas, opinions, reviews, and feedback relating to the brands.

There are over 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide and they create a massive amount of content and share it on these platforms daily. So, the content is highly beneficial and hugely available for the brands & marketers.

Embedding user-generated social media feed on the website can garner huge benefits and we have listed some of the reasons why you should embed it on the website.

Why Embed It On Website?

1. Build Social Proof Through UGC

As the user-generated content is highly reliable and authentic, showcasing it on the website helps in building social proof for the website and the business.

In fact, over 90% of the people trust user-generated content to make their digital buying decisions.

UGC showcases how the existing customers feel about the brand and it showcases credibility and reliability. This leads to building trust & authenticity among the users that guides them towards engagement.

2. Increase Engagement & Dwell Time

Engagement is one the key success metric for the website and content plays a huge role in driving user engagement. Displaying UGC on the website can hugely increase engagement as the content is highly relatable, creative, diverse in nature, and engaging.

As the engagement increases, it also leads to an increase in the dwell time for the users as they will tend to spend more time on your website by engaging with content. It will also lead to a reduction in the bounce rate and higher return visits to the website.

The engagement & dwell time leads to better search engine optimization performance and higher ranking in the SERP that will lead to higher traffic and greater possibilities.

3. Boost Sales & Revenue

As your website is your digital storefront, it also acts as the point of conversions & sales. So, it is essential that you add all the relevant and engaging information on the website to help the users make purchase decisions.

When you display user-generated content on the website, you build trust and increase engagement which leads to boosting the sales and revenue for the business.

Even the ads that feature UGC get 5 times higher click-through rate and UGC galleries on the website tend to increase the conversion rate hugely as it provides realistic information about the products/services of the brand.

4. Original & Cost-Effective Content

Content has become extremely crucial in this digital ages especially the content that is trustworthy, authentic, and engaging. Brands invest huge resources into labor and time for such content creation.

But the challenge is that even after such huge investments, the branded content is not greatly impactful & beneficial whereas the user-generated content is totally opposite.

UGC is highly impactful and influential and it requires minimum investment. So, you get access to original & fresh content that is hugely available and can be curated with cost-effective methods.

How To Showcase It On Website

The best solution to showcase UGC on the website is to use a UGC platform or a UGC widget that can help you collect and curate content from social media platforms into a feed and embed it on your website.

The tool will also allow you to customize the content to make it more attractive and creative. Whereas you can also moderate the content to display premium quality content for the users.

Using such a UGC widget, you can create various UGC feeds such as a hashtag gallery where you can display the UGC around the hashtags from social media to your website.

Or you can display a UGC gallery where images and videos uploaded by the users on social media about your brand can be displayed on your websites like product images or product videos and there are many more ways like social media widget, user reviews widgets, experience feed, etc.

The tool also gives you the option to get real-time automated content updates, manage content rights, measure the performance of your website UGC feed through analytics, add sponsored posts, integrate branded content & promotions, responsive & scalable design, etc.


Here we presented a short but holistic guide on how you can showcase user-generated content on your website and why you should display it i.e. the benefits of UGC.

So, now that you know the benefits and how can achieve them through your website, it is time for you to get started with discovering UGC, curating it, and embedding it on your website.

To maximize your website performance and returns on investments, you should definitely use the tool like a UGC platform for displaying UGC on the website.

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