Types of nail art You Can Try

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Types of nail art You Can Try

Like any other organ of our body that we like to adore with jewelry be the neck, hands or ears. So is the case with nails these days. We adorn our nails with designs that are way different from normal application of a coat of paint. These days people care for their body parts a lot. Some go in for manicures and pedicures that are cleansing exercises done by beauticians. In these the nails are cut, shaped and trimmed to make them look attractive. Nail art is a creative way to give your nails a definite shape, size, and color that makes them look all the more attractive.

Now since nail art is done creatively, there can be multiple ways in which you can shape up your nails. Creativity cannot be expressed fully within limits. The world is your canvas, you can paint almost anything on your nails. Nail art specifically involves painting or decorating nails with paint or jewelry. This jewelry can be found in numerous designs and color. Nail art patterns specifically range from as simple as dotted pattern to drawing complex patterns on the nails. There are wide varieties of brushes available in the market that one can use as per one’s choice and preferences. Some common examples of doing nail art are using sticky tapes.

Apply a coat of paint that you choose to apply as a base color for your nails. Then place some sticky tapes horizontally or vertically leaving some distance between each tape. You can form any other design too apart from vertical and horizontal designs. Apply the second coat of paint on the uncovered areas of the nails. You can even apply glitter nail color here. Let the nail paint dry and remove those sticky tapes. You have absolutely gorgeous nails left for you to flaunt. You can even apply transparent nail polish on the design to give it a more definite look. Instead of sticking tapes, you can even place small dots on the nail with the help of a brush or can carve out a design of your own on the sticky tape and then fill the design with your favorite color. A lot can be worked out in terms of giving your nails a design of your choice. Some people have a skill to draw with the brush. They can draw their favorite design on nails with utmost creativity. Nail art being a creative field is open for multiple options to try from.

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