Turning passion for fashion into social media stardom

Turning passion for fashion into social media stardom

Famed model and influencer Jonas Maier has always had a passion for fashion and lifestyle. Growing up in Berlin, Germany, his peers always appreciated the way he dressed. As he grew and social media became part of everyday life, he began providing fashion advice online to address more people, showing his audience that men can find value in how they dress.

“Men tend to talk less about ‘feminine topics’ like fashion, however many of them are interested in upgrading their personal style. Therefore, they can ‘safely’ look for tips and inspiration on social media,” said Maier.

At first, posting daily his daily looks online were just a hobby for Maier, sharing simplistic smartphone pictures with captions outlining various outfits. However, as his audience began to grow, Maier began teaching himself a lot about photography, editing, and social media. As a result, he upgraded his camera equipment many times, which made the content more and more professional looking and more appealing to a larger audience. He then began to focus on posting regularly and consistently to provide content daily, transforming his mindset that rather than this being a hobby, it could be his career. All of this allowed him to build the massive audience that he has today, where he now has over 228 thousand followers on Instagram.

Now that Maier has become an international fashion symbol, he often partners up with various brands to promote their products and ideals. Most recently, he teamed up with “Visit Dubai” to promote tourism to one of the Middle East’s most vibrant cities, and one of his most successful campaigns allowed him to expand upon his passion for fashion with the renowned European clothing company Primark.

“With living in such a fast-paced world, fast-fashion brands such as Primark allow for more affordable clothing. Primark makes sure to sell the latest trends to the masses; people get what they want and do not have to wait around for anything as there are now so many retailers and brands to choose from, either in-store and online, with eCommerce becoming the biggest industry on the planet as the human race moves deeper into the digital era. With their fashion becoming so affordable, people can get a new outfit each weekend to go out in, sometimes even cheaper than a round of drink at your local pub. It’s great for someone who doesn’t have the largest income, such as students, as they can still enjoy the thrill of spending and getting the new things when they want, and not have to spend an arm and a leg on it, allowing them to save in other areas of life,” said Maier.

Primark is a global operating fast fashion brand that Maier has worked a lot with since 2018. He was eager to show his audience that being fashionable doesn’t mean adorning top brand names and expensive clothes. Although Primark’s clothing is lower cost, you can still be very fashionable wearing their products and create your own sense of style with their clothing. When Maier was approached by Primark’s managing PR agency in Germany to become a Brand Ambassador, Maier agreed, wanting to share that message with his fans.

In his first campaign with the company, Maier was promoting the opening of the latest Primark store in Berlin, one of the largest fashion retail stores in the city, and showed his community what it looked like, which products he liked, and which outfits he bought there. He showcased the shopping experience in an authentic way and provided stylish outfit combinations for his community.

“I enjoyed the freedom that the brand gave me. They saw my work in advance and were impressed by the quality of the content and the authentic way I engage with my audience. Therefore, they gave me a lot of freedom when it came to content creation. I love many of their menswear products and wear them on a regular basis, so I really enjoyed working with this brand,” said Maier.

The results of the campaign were extraordinary for both Maier and Primark, and expectations were exceeded on both sides. Within Maier’s first two posts, the campaign reached over 400 thousand people and potential new customers, with extremely positive feedback. Maier even received attention in the media for having such a high performing social media campaign.

“I feel very grateful that the campaign has been so successful. Primark’s main form of advertising is through the use of influencers since the ROI is better than most other form of marketing. The amount of engagement from my audience and positive feedback was overwhelming,” said Maier.

After this initial campaign in 2018 and its continued success, Maier has worked with Primark many times. In early 2019 he promoted their spring collection, then continued to promote their summer trends throughout the entire season and he created content for their autumn trends in 2019. It is a partnership he still enjoys, and is happy to have shared his fashion ideas with his own fans, Primark fans, and the world.

Photo by Natalie King

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