Travel Diaries: What Happened on My Heathrow Taxi Trip

Travel Diaries: What Happened on My Heathrow Taxi Trip

Today’s travel diary features my recent travel to the charming country of the UK, and I will particularly tell you about my Heathrow taxi experience and the lessons I learned from this trip. These lessons, or more of tips one might say, will help many other travellers like you to gain insights into travelling to the UK and landing at Heathrow Airport, a very popular air travel destination in the country.


When my flight landed at Heathrow Airport terminal number 1, one of the busiest terminals in the world, I planned to get down the plane and begin my search and research for my next destination. I was taking things easy, so it took me a little less than half an hour to finish the airport formalities and come out of the airport. When I finally found myself out with my hand carry and a small travelling bag, I saw the airport packed with people. I know that Heathrow Airport is not always this busy, but it depends on the time of the day and day of the week. I was worried that I might have difficulty finding a suitable means to move to my destinations in Southampton, Central London, and Oxford due to the rush and increased demand for public transport. But all my fears were unneeded as I will describe in the following paragraphs.

The Research

As I described earlier, I wanted to travel to three destinations, and though I could not travel to all three at once, I could research the ways to travel to all three at once. So, I started my research with a few questions about Heathrow taxi to some airport staff. She told me the location of the taxi stand and explained some other travelling options as well. The following are the highlights of how my research went on from that point.

My Search for a Taxi from Heathrow to Central London

Among all three destinations, Central London was the closest as Central London is only around sixteen miles away from the Airport in Heathrow, UK. Upon enquiring, some friendly taxi drivers told me that it is typical for a Taxi from Heathrow to Central London to take somewhere between 35 to 50 minutes to reach your destination. The exact time depends on many factors like the amount of traffic on the roads and the choice of the way as there are many options to choose from. One can travel through M4 and A4, or choose to travel through A40.

My Search for Heathrow to Oxford Taxi

The city of Oxford proved to be my second nearest or the second farthest, and it is true both ways, destination from Heathrow Airport. My destination in the famous city of Oxford was approximately 47 miles away from where I stood at Heathrow Airport.

My research revealed that Heathrow to Oxford taxi is the fastest way to reach my destination in Oxford. Heathrow to Oxford taxi takes around one hour and ten minutes to reach my destination via M40, the most popular option among Heathrow taxi drivers.

My Search for a Taxi from Heathrow to Southampton

After finishing my previous search, I started searching for a way to get to Southampton. My research revealed that my final destination in Southampton is around 65.2 miles from where I stood. As there is not any train station near my destination in Southampton, I decided to take a taxi from Heathrow to Southampton and started my search. I found out that it will take me somewhere between 75 and 90 minutes to reach my final destination—not bad for a 65-mile journey I thought. M3 offers the shortest way, and it is highly recommended that you use this road during your journey by taxi from Heathrow to Southampton.

Searching the Internet

During my Heathrow taxi search, I used internet searching extensively and took help from online maps and search engines. Typing a related query showed me several search results, and these search results showed the website addresses of many taxi companies offering taxi from Heathrow to Southampton, Central London, and Oxford. Conveniently, most of these websites offer a quick quote and the option to book your taxi online. For most travellers, the web-based booking system is all they need, but others might need to call a couple of taxi companies before making the final decision.

Taxi from Heathrow Airport Taxi Stand

There was a conveniently located taxi stand on terminal number one, and though I did not use a taxi from the above-mentioned taxi stand, I researched about this option all the same. It is convenient for most people to take a taxi from the taxi stand, but it often costs more to do so. Thus, I chose a taxi company from my internet search and started my tour by visiting Oxford first. My decision to use Heathrow to Oxford taxi was mainly based on the distance. Oxford was the nearest of my three target destinations and I wanted to reach there as soon as possible. But my research helped me in choosing the right taxi service during my visit to Central London and Southampton as well.

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