Transform Your Life With the Basic Practices Suggested in Ayurveda

Transform Your Life With the Basic Practices Suggested in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the term that comprises so much in it is nothing but a pure blessing. The practices and rituals of Ayurveda from the yesteryears is a complete “boon” for mankind. Today when we are spending so much just to get health benefits, these little practices suggested by Ayurveda is free of cost. Moreover, they can be incorporated at any time of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are an oldie, a youngster or a kid, these practices of Ayurveda is equally beneficial to all.

Going to bed early

Going to bed early is considered as one of the ideal ways to maintain good health as per Ayurveda. Instead of sleeping late or at odd hours of the night, you should go to your bed by 10 pm. As per Ayurveda, the time range from 10 pm to 2 am is considered as the time when the body detoxifies the harmful toxins and renews itself. You should also stop using any tech device 1 hour prior to this. Also, it is suggested to never bring those with you while you sleep.

Be the morning person

“Early to bed and early to rise...” just like you are suggested to go to bed early, you also need to rise early. After a “good night” sleep, body renews itself for yet another day and it becomes quite easy to leave the bed and take a fresh start for the new day. As per Ayurveda, the ideal time to wake up is to wake up with the sunrise. Sleeping after that is believed to make the body more lethargic. Your mind feels all dull and inactive for the rest of the day. Start practicing them daily and you can see wonders within a few days.

Hydrating as soon as you wake up

Hydration is the key. It is probably the cheapest way to get rid of all harmful toxins from the body and to stay healthy. Therefore Ayurveda suggests you start your day with drinking water. It can be simple lukewarm water or you can even add honey and lemon to it. Lukewarm water is quite beneficial in facilitating easy bowel movements in the body. Drinking water will help the body to function properly for the rest of the day as well.

Oral hygiene

“Brushing the teeth”, isn’t this how we tend to grow up for most of our lives? This is the correct manner suggested by Ayurveda too. Only the first thing is to use a tongue scraper to get rid of toxins built within our cavity. These toxins hamper the healthy digestion and are essential to get rid of. Later you should brush your teeth in the correct manner. The last step is to gargle with the salt water. You can add a little garlic too that will help you in clearing the throat.


The benefits of Yoga are countless. Not only it is beneficial for the human body, but it works wonder on mental health too. Yoga helps in improving the brain concentrating power along with its focus. It also helps in fighting anxiety and stress. Many people have seen positive results and improved mental health after doing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga followed by Pranayam which is later followed by meditation is the magical “Trifecta”.

So are you all ready for adopting these basic practices for a magical transformation?

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