Top Attractions In Los Angeles

Top Attractions In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, all the blockbuster movies, dramas, television series as well as music that tops the charts are generally produced in Los Angeles and loved all across the world. It has a historic accomplishment in the terms of show-business and also the fact that visiting Los Angeles means you can cross paths with a celebrity anyhow once if you visit LA, attracts attention of the tourists from across the globe. The theme parks, sunny beaches and the constant weather all year around catches the eyes of visitors the most. You can swiftly make arrangements for Spirit Airlines Reservations and plan the best to-go air travel for your trip to Los Angeles.

A top class collection in museums, theatre and arenas are a must go for the art lovers. Los angeles provides the best example to something-for-everyone with its various outdoor activity hubs for outside adventurists as well. With a varying number of places to go and things to do Los Angeles becomes a must go for travelers.

Mostly the travellers worry about the transport or the question “How to reach their dream destination?”. There's absolutely nothing to worry about here. There are many places to see in Los Angeles which attracts the attention of each and every tourist.

The Hollywood Sign

One of the most famous attractions which is known to almost all of the world is The Hollywood Sign. It was originally created for advertisements for Hollywood real estate. But it became an emblem for the Hollywood show-business to represent the glamour and commotion of the movie industry. Generally every tourist who visits Los Angeles wants to take a picture with the Hollywood sign, but getting a close-up shot of the sign is not as easy as it seems to be. These 14-meter high letters on Mount Lee are covered off by barriers and are being protected by a strict security system. While the Hollywood sign is visible from all over Tinseltown, yet the most sought place to park your vehicles and take snapshots is the Griffith Observatory, or you can also park at Lake Hollywood Park or the Hollywood and Highland Center shopping mall.

La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum

In Los Angeles, in the middle of the green city park there’s a pool of black tar which is surely a wonder, but the famous Tar Pits have proven to be a cache of treasure of artifacts for the George C. Page Museum located nearby. Unearthing of this prehistoric site has entrained in one of the biggest collections of fossils from the Ice Age, among all over the world. 38,000 years old bones were dug out of these pits weighing almost 100s of tons. Along with these complete skeletons of some animals like saber-toothed cats, wolves and mastodons have been displayed in the museum. In the Paleontology Laboratory, visitors can also watch the scientists working on the latest finds. Then what are you waiting for here, don't worry about the budget, visit Spirit Airlines Reservations now and find the best deals for you to explore the grounds in Los Angeles.

Rodeo Drive

In the 16-square-block area widely known as the Golden Triangle located in the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills, the Rodeo Drive is stashed. It is L.A.’s most prominent shopping street. While a few people come to buy the high-end designer clothes and accessories sold in the luxury shops there, Rodeo Drive is yet a hot tourist spot. Nobody can resist Window-shopping on this avenue of the vogue, and there’s always a high chance of spotting a celebrity coming for shopping for the latest styles. There's a mini-mall at Two Rodeo Drive that always attracts attention. With its “faux-European” infrastructure and cobblestone street, it looks like a theme park rather than a mall.

Santa Monica Pier

The most renowned Santa Monica Pier is actually two piers made in one. There’s a bait shop and a restaurant with a pier-end, the longer section was built in 1909 is a hallmark of most of the Southern California piers. It’s shorter adjacent pier was constructed in 1916 that attracts most of the visitors. The elevated plaza that links the two piers comprises an old-fashioned amusement park with a vintage styled roller coaster, also a wooden carousel and one of the L.A.’s most evident landmarks is a solar-powered Ferris Wheel with sparkling LED light show every night. There’s also a small aquarium and a lane of tasty delicacies at the pier as well as a trapeze school with them.

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