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Top 9 Must-Have Essential Oils For Your Health And Wellbeing

Top 9 Must-Have Essential Oils For Your Health And Wellbeing

Aromatherapy for centuries has been a central component of conventional healing, transforming into a modern wellness modality that leverages the benefits of essential oils from medicinal applications to natural skincare. Although most complex aromatic remedies are best left to the experts, creating a starter kit with simple essential oils will help you start integrating aromatherapy into your everyday life and open you up an entirely new exotic world.

Here are listed different essential oils, and each one has potential benefits for your skin:


If you are fond of citrus scent, use herbal lemongrass oil as an astringent. The oil helps regulate oil production in your skin and in the process, decreases inflammation. The effects of antifungal and antibacterial kill toxins and microscopic particles, leaving the skin feeling amazing. Bear in mind, however, that this oil should be filtered to ensure it is working properly. It also acts well as a repellent against natural pests. However, if you would like to grow lemongrass at home, you can order plants online and easily find lemongrass stalks at any popular online plant store.


Eucalyptus oil is beautifully fresh and pure appearing to aid in a variety of health and wellness-related areas. When massaged directly into the area, eucalyptus oil can be used to relieve sore muscles. It has also been found to significantly assist in oral health, helping to fight off dental infections like cavities, gingivitis and plaque.


Unlike other essential oils that are too strong to be used on the fragile skin of babies or elderly people, chamomile essential oil is a calming substance that is healthy enough to be used on all skin if diluted properly. Its cooling properties work to soothe and soften dry skin, and to relieve signs and symptoms of hives, eczema, or slow-healing wounds. When mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or shea butter, it works amazingly.

Rose Otto

The essential oil Rose Otto smells as stunning as it feels. This botanical oil is popular with young people who want to add moisture to dry skin, hoping to gain a more youthful look. This oil, which best works when undiluted, also involves antibacterial properties that may help with minor blemishes and further promote healthier, younger skin.


Rosemary essential oil is a soothing alternative thanks to its unique, robust fragrance. The fragrance of this oil is very much like the herb that you put in your milk. It is commonly found in skincare, especially natural products because it not only has topical benefits but will also expand a product's shelf-life exponentially. Used majorly in shampoo to aid the scalp and to energize the user. Unlike mints and eucalyptus, the rosemary is used with alertness to alleviate anxiety and to heal.

Clary Sage

Clary sage has a herbaceous, earthy fragrance with floral notes, fostering a soothing effect. It's also thought of providing a calming, meditative effect to support women through their menstrual cycles.


An orange-scented oil that merges well with some of the oils in your aromatherapy package. Bergamot has a gentle citrus fragrance ideal for diffusing, soothing and uplifting; add six drops to a light ring diffuser before turning on the lamp to disperse its sweet aroma across a room.


If you are prone to acne breakouts in your skin, consider trying essential oil with helichrysum. The washing drug contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, which are helpful for dry skin or cystic acne skin. The oil can also stimulate cell growth, which helps fade the scarring associated with acne.


Taking the top slot for good reason, the lavender oil would encourage physical and mental wellbeing with its fresh and floral fragrance. This is made from lavender flower buds and is used in oils for aromatherapy, salts for baths and more. There are endless explanations for investing in a bottle of pure oil. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing qualities of Lavender cure a host of common concerns. Spritz, spread or dab directly on to de-stress, dissipate headaches and deep sleep. Inhale for asthma, dizziness, respiratory infections and depression. Add the carrier oil to a relaxing shower and to a fever compress. Just like indoor plants online it can help combat stress or anxiety too by just adding a few drops to a warm bath to feel calm as well as relaxed.

You could cure your skin, mind and body in a totally healthy and natural way, by recognizing essential oils and their benefits. Aromatherapy has been around for decades and is a successful way to treat a wide array of conditions.

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