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Top 7 Traits of an Effective Management Faculty

Top 7 Traits of an Effective Management Faculty

“A mentor enables a person to achieve. They are the heroes that show what achievement looks like.”

The same quote applies to the management faculty, which is the backbone of any b-school or the university that is offering management programs like MBA and BBA. The quality of the faculty can either make or break the reputation of a college. Hence, the reputed colleges recruit the professors and lecturers through a very stringent procedure to select only the well-qualified people to impart learning for the students.

An ad regarding the management faculty jobs in Jaipur supports this fact wherein the eligibility criteria for faculty mentioned that the applicant should possess either a management degree from IIM with Ph.D. or has work experience in any international university as a management faculty. The management professionals who want to nurture their career in the field of academics should also have the following traits apart from the required qualification:

A positive attitude is your power

You can be a great motivator with a positive attitude amid the natural chaos which is often expected in a management college. An effective leader not only encourages the students individually to achieve personal goals but also to accomplish and celebrate success in groups.

Students owe your compassion

Faculty must be compassionate towards the students so that they can freely share their heart and the problems they face while studying. The conventional relationship of Student-Mentor has transformed and the faculty act in a much friendlier manner these days.

You should be great at listening

Even after being a lecturer, the faculty should be a great listener as well. This quality helps you achieve interpersonal as well as professional goals. Effective communication can be launched only if the leader is an effective listener

Know the art of conveying harsh truths politely

Sometimes, while interacting with the students the faculty come across a situation where they need to convey a few harsh realities. To deal with such scenarios, you need to be adept at the art of conveying the harsh realities in a polite way.

You should be committed

Being the faculty, you are a leader of the classroom and your commitment inspires others. Only if you are committed to performing your duties, then only you can train others using your competence and abilities. Helping others in achieving the goals is your goal of being a management faculty.

Comply with the policies and guidelines

Being a faculty, you need to portray your image as a role model whom every student wants to follow. For this, adhering with the policies and practicing discipline is mandatory for you. Always keep your work priorities aligned with the organization’s goal.

A senior faculty from one of the most renowned MBA colleges in Jaipur has opined that the role of a faculty member is full of responsibilities. The characteristics of a good mentor lie within their experience and level of competence they exhibit. If you are seeking admission in an MBA college, check thoroughly the profiles of the faculty members beforehand.

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