Top 2019 Trends in Staircase DesignsTop 2019 Trends in Staircase Designs

Top 2019 Trends in Staircase DesignsTop 2019 Trends in Staircase Designs

When a house of a building is being made with two or more floors, then one of the most important elements to consider is the placement of the staircase and its specific design or style. The staircase is not only helping to serve its specific functionality but also it is an element which can draw the instant attention of the guest. Overall, it adds to the design of the house. Depending on the style you can choose, and the placement of the staircase can even be made the focal point of home space. The interior elements in every home just like any other elements evolve over time. Staircase designs are also evolving with time. Changing the stair with every new design and the latest trend is not at all possible. So, picking the right staircase is important which will be compatible with all the different trends that emerge with time.

Following are the top 5 staircase design trends:

#1. The elegance of glass: The glass is essentially a modern trend and has already gained large scale popularity among people. Glazed staircase designs in balustrades are highly popular and people are using it to maximize the amount of space and light in their surroundings. Glass based stair panels are used for preserving the modern residences. For traditional homeowners, glass is once again a chosen material for giving it fusion and twist for boosting natural light all around in the property. Some homeowners also go beyond and create glass-based treads or risers made from glass. This is essentially a 21st-century modern architectural design trend much in demand these days.

#2. Clean line-based staircase designs: The recent trend in modern staircase design and a general trend is the principle of “less is more”. These trends never seem to go out of style. Rather, it comes back every year. People in place of over decorating their balustrades with ornamental decorations are opting for a cleaner and finer shape. The minimalistic design and clean décors are the second top architectural trend of the year 2019.

#3. Design Curves: Techniques of manufacturing are enhanced over the years, as the demand for curved staircase designs is fast gaining popularity. Such a curved style of a staircase needs more design than the general ones. They occupy more space but can turn out to be the main focal point of a house. Many traditional, classy, or modern houses showcase staircase designs which are curved providing a stunning look to the entire area. Designers can customize and make curved staircases for a house of small sizes, as well.

#4. A mix of different materials: Fusion design trend is highly in demand this year. Designers who have a creative mindset and loves experimenting with something new come up with a blend of different material for the staircase designs. It is much opposite to sticking with only timber for staircases. Balustrades these days are made from a combination of materials like wood, steel, as well as glass. Metals are opening the opportunity to create cared designs and shapes. These are all cost-friendly options. Hence, grabbing a lot of attention in the market.

#5. Addition of storage: With so many people opting out for smaller and tinier home options space is indeed a big issue. Staircase designs can accommodate storage underneath staircases by designing and incorporation drawers of similar sizes and designs.

To sum up

If you are selecting a design for your staircase, you can surely use some of the above 2019 trends. These will give your home an enhanced appearance and visual appeal. Fashion trends come and fall quickly but some things are always there to remain. The staircase design is one such element.

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