India’s secularity is what makes it unique. This country gives importance to religion, karma, spirituality, purity of soul and humanity many ancient temples and monuments some which are appreciated for its beauty while some for its religious dedication. India has many religious Hindu places covering east, west, north, and south each being unique in its own way. Although numerous religious spots are present these are the top 10 Hindu religious places in India are:-

1. VARANASI:- For Devotees Varanasi is considered most holy because of the several temples located on the bank of river Ganga. Varanasi itself is popular for the devotee environment. The annual Ganga Mahotsav celebrates the rich cultural heritage of India which is celebrated here with a great aura of festiveness. The kasha Vishwanath temple and Sankat Mochan temple are two of the most visited in the city.

2. SARNATH:- Lord Buddha after enlightenment reached Sarnath and gave his first sermon to fellow saints which make this place rich in culture for Buddhism. Apart from Buddhism, it is also the birthplace of the leader of Jainism. He historic lion of Ashoka pillar is a popular mark for this town. This holy town is filled with monuments of Buddhism and Jainism along with many other temples.

3. BADRINATH:- Badrinath located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is amongst the most popular and important Dham amongst the four Dhams. Also known as Badarikashram, It is one of the oldest pilgrimage destinations in India. The main idol of Lord Vishnu is the main tourist attraction of here. The shrine is divided into three segments namely ‘Darshan Mandap’, ‘Garba Griha’ and ‘Sabha Mandap’.

4. PURI:- This popular seaside town is located in Odisha. It is popular for its Jagannath temple which is visited by uncountable no of people every year. The Jagannath temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath which attracts a huge crowd during the Rath Yatra festival.

5. RISHIKESH:- Rishikesh known as the yoga capital of the country is a pilgrimage town visited by many. Each temple is unique and performs different rituals and many other activities. Some of the top famous temples of Rishikesh are Nikanth Mahadev temple, Kunjapuri temple, Geeta Bhavan temple, Bharat temple, and many others. Amongst the most popular spot, the Triveni Ghat is one of them as it is where the three mountain streams join.

6. KASHMIR:- Although Kashmir may seem like an exotic honeymoon destination it is also an important spot of religious pilgrimages. The city is an embodiment of all religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam all spread in the city. The top temples of Kashmir are Shankaracharya temple, Sharikaq Devi temple, Anantapur and others. Apart from temples, there are many mosques and Sikh temples. Kashmir never fails to disappoint you in its beauty be it the views of the hills or sites with religious significance.

7. RAMESHWARAM:- This town is famous because of various elements and is closely linked to the mythologies of India. Important segments of this town are like Adams bridge, rail route over the sea, Palk straight which are named among some of them. The most iconic religious spot is the Ramanathaswamky temple. Other temples of importance are Kothandaraswamy temple, Gandhamanthana Parvatam the four Shiva temples and many others.

8. AMRITSAR:- A trip to the golden temple is a must to do for every Indian, the soothing environment around the shimmering golden temple with soothing intonations of Granth Sahib gives spiritual enlightenment. On langar thousand so people are fed daily by the people of a temple. The guru Nayak Jayanti and Baisakhi are celebrated here with much favor here.

9. MATHURA:- Mathura known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna is home to many temples. Located nearby is Vrindavan which secures a significant position as a popular spiritual destination in India. The major festivals here are Janmasthami and hold. The Keshav temple and Banke Bihari temple are the most popular one.

10. Haridwar:- It is an ancient city located in the haridwar district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most popular and holiest pilgrims in Uttarakhand. Haridwar is popularly known as the gateway to god as it is here where goddess ganga emerged when Lord Shiva released it from the locks of his hair. Gaumukh which is the source of river ganga enters haridwar first time through the gangetic plain. The place becomes a huh of tourists usually from the month of may to october when most people start their pilgrimage yatra.

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