Top 10 DIY Halloween Crafts Ideas for 2019

Top 10 DIY Halloween Crafts Ideas for 2019

Halloween is just around the corners and the stores are getting packed with the latest Halloween costumes, decoration and crafts. Instead of buying Halloween crafts from stores you can make your own and save a lot of money.

Doing this will also help you in spending quality time with your friends, family and loved ones. This will make it happen to collaborate easily with your loved ones and turn your house into a creepy destination altogether at the Halloween night.

Make sure to celebrate your Halloween more eco-friendly this year by recycling stuff which is no longer usable in creating Halloween crafts. You will find most of the raw material in nearby stores and can also order online if not available.

Resources aren’t the problem, ideas and inspirations are. You must look for best and latest Halloween craft ideas to make your Halloween night spookiest. This blog post about the top 10 DIY Halloween craft ideas for 2019 will also help you in the best crafts this Halloween festival.

Let’s start the list:

1.Skull Vase

Skull vase could be the easiest craft to create this Halloween. You can utilize the old plastic skull and transform it into a creepy flower skull vase. The combination of flowers and creepy skull will make the environment both horrific and interesting.

You can even create skull vase using the dough, plaster of Paris, cement and paint it later once you get dried. Doing this will help you in making skull vase of different shapes and sizes.

2.Ghost Garland

If you have good paper cutting skills then making a ghost garland will be fun. These tiny ghosts will be a perfect décor item for the mantel during Halloweens. If you don’t have any paper cutting skill then you can look for the easy steps online too. Below I have featured the easy steps to create ghost garland with paper.

  • Fold the paper into 3 sections
  • Trace the shape of the ghost on top of the piece
  • Make sure to trace the arms capable in connecting the edges of the paper
  • Cut the shape carefully

3. Spiders and Spider Web

You can easily create a spider web using cotton, strings or paper. Make multiple spider webs to hang all over the corners of the house. They can be easily attached using double tape.

Spiders can be easily made with cardboard, old clothes, and paper. You can make the spiders more realistic by painting them with different colors. Those spiders can be easily hung down using strings and you can also place them with the webs too.

4.Cheesecloth Ghost

It may be the easiest Halloween craft to create. It is such effortless to create that you can make multiple cheesecloth hosts within a few hours. You will just need a piece of cheesecloth and cornstarch. Soak the cheesecloth into cornstarch and place it over something round to give the top an oval shape. Once the cloth gets dried glue a pair of big black eyes, isn’t that easy enough?

5.Pumpkin Mummy

Create cute and creepy pumpkin mummies with using just white cotton cloth, cheesecloth or even band-aid cloth. Crafting pumpkins in Halloween requires good knife skills and if you feel boring doing this then you may avoid this.

You can decorate your house with pumpkins even without crating them. Just wrap a piece of cheesecloth around your pumpkin, color it a little bit if needed and include dark black eyes, simple.

6.Cotton Door Ghost

The ghost made with cotton will fascinate the visitors if attached to the main door. You will need a few basic materials including wires, wooden sticks, cotton, glue, color, and black paper to create the ghost. You can follow the steps listed below to make this craft:

  • Firstly make a base using wooden sticks and wires
  • Glue cotton around the base
  • Cut eyes, eyebrows, and mouth with black paper
  • Attach it with the ghost crafted


Making bats by cutting black paper will not be a tough task. You can cut multiple layers of paper in the size of bat at the same time. Cut bats in different sizes and paint red eyes and vampire fangs to make it look more creepy and dangerous.

You can also attach those bats at the doors and walls. Bring a small old branch and place it in a pot, color it if you want and glue the bats on the branch. Trust me it will look impressive.

8.Skull Lamp

No, you don’t need to buy expensive readymade skull lamps when you can create one at home by yourself. This craft will be the most eco-friendly Halloween crafts which can be created using old glass jars.

Just remove the lid of the jars and paint a skull with black paint and place a candle inside, that’s it. You can use jars of different shapes and sizes to add diversity to your craft.

9.Witch Hat

Craft witch hats of different shapes size and colors and give them to the guests. Hang them over trees or walkways to create an environment of Halloween. These hats can be created using old clothes, paper, and cardboard.

10.Scary Photo Frames

Buy some scary photos and frame them. You can replace those photo frames with your existing photo frames if there isn’t much space in your house. Hang the scary photo frames in your drawing room, living room or even at the couch area outside.

Bottom Line:

Halloween comes once a year and you must make great effort to create the best moments this day. You must equip your home with the best Halloween decorations and crafts to make the environment creepier and fascinating.

You may need to buy tons of Halloween crafts to do so and it will cost you a lot no doubt. Making Halloween crafts by yourself is a good idea and the whole process will be easier by applying simple and best crafts ideas and techniques. The tips featured above will surely help you in making Halloween crafts for 2019.

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