Three Places You Need To Visit In Croatia

Three Places You Need To Visit In Croatia

Croatia has one of the most flourishing tourist destinations in Europe. The country takes pride in the share of natural attractions such as beautiful islands, long coastlines, and cities with historic ruins. If you are a tourist, you will have a story to tell once you have a tour in Croatia. There are several places to visit, but here are the three most amazing destinations which you cannot afford to miss.


Zadar is an ancient city located in the northern coast. Although it might not be an open attraction with overcrowding people, it’s an exclusive city to spend time in. This city is a big tourist gateway and offers a lot to visitors. In the Old Town, you will get a chance to see the Roman ruins with beautiful old churches such as the Church of Donatus that surrounds the ancient foundations. There are also beautiful beaches where tourists can swim, sunbathe, and relax during vacations. You will see the St Simeons Church that has unique wooden interiors and decorations of gold and silver. It gives a pleasant sight of craftsmanship and some ancient feel. The land gate made of limestone walls gives splendid looks to visitors, while the Museum of Ancient glasses is a great education visit displaying a myriad of glassware.


Dubrovnik, which lies on the southern coast of Croatia, is one of the fascinating tourist destinations. It has several outstanding monuments such as the Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour that dates very many years back. With the breakwater Porporela, you will find it a fantastic evening scenic view as watch over the horizons of the Adriatic Sea. The Dubrovnik’s Cable Car adds a lot of fun when you’re interested in getting a better view of the city while on the top of a rugged mountain. There are also restaurants, bars, and a museum that offer you great memorials of the Homeland War.

Dubrovnik’s walls are also a great view. Standing around 25 meters high, it will take you around an hour to explore them. Other attractions are the 15th century Onofrio Fountain that will provide with water when you are thirsty. People who love yachting and sailing, Dubrovnik is an amazing start point for short cruises to view famous Croatia’s Islands.


Split also adds to the most adorable places to visit in Croatia. The Fruit Square monument is worth visiting with ancient shops and towers and a statue of a famous Poet, Marko. Marjan Hill can offer you incredible hiking and biking experience. While at the top, you will get the panoramic views of Split. Take some time and see the Ivan Mestrovic art gallery with amazing ancient paintings, furniture, and architectural drawings. The magnificent Riva waterfront will give you an evening view after walking around the city.

Just like Dubrovnik, Split is an excellent departure point for cruises. If you consider Croatia sailing, then choose Split as your start point to the famous Hvar, Korcula and Brac islands. Split City houses the largest marinas where you will find very many yachts. When you walk in the Diocletian’s Palace and many places in Split, you will have a taste of the ancient times.

Choosing the above there places will make your time in Croatia very memorable.

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