Things To Remind Yourself Every Day

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Things To Remind Yourself Every Day

Nobody's life is a picnic. We all have our demons to fight. And yet, life goes on. We have all been in those terrifying crosshairs but it does not mean that we give up on our lives. It is the precious gift given to us. We must never let it slip from our hands. It is natural to feel low and depressed at times. So, whenever you feel like the dark clouds of remorse are blocking your sunshine, remind yourself these things:

What other people think about you is none of your business:

It has become one of our greatest weakness. Also, as Steve Jobs once mentioned, “Don't be trapped by dogma”. We must not give into what the world thinks of us. Because the bitter reality is, irrespective of the good or the bad you do to people, they will always find something to criticise you. So, never let these comments ruin your positive mood. Just let these people be the way they are.

Everything happens for a reason:

How often does it happen that when something bad happens to us and we do not blame it on someone (like God, fate or karma)? We don't allow ourselves to see the bigger picture. Failures occur so that we learn from them. Likewise, bad things happen to broaden our experience. You can call it a sign from the universe or simply blame it on your bad planning. The suffering of pain and difficulties is how we grow stronger and wiser.

Do not let your past destroy your present:

Someone once said, “For the sake of your future and happiness, if it's in the past, let it pass.” We often forget this most simple advice. It is true that sometimes our past contains dreadful memories or experiences but if we let it take control of ourselves then we will never be able to embrace our present. Somethings are supposed to stay in the past. If you constantly scratch your wounds, they will bleed and cause you pain. Rather, give them the time to heal. Because no matter how deep the cut is, it will eventually get healed.

Be thankful for the life you have:

Our lives may be tough to handle but it is full of possibilities. We must never feel miserable about the way things are in our lives. Every tomorrow comes with a clean slate. Every sunrise comes with a new ray of hope. Never ever complain about the bad things happening in your life because you never know which breath may be your last one.

Whenever you feel down, remind yourself of these things and lead a happy and cheerful life. Stay positive, stay happy.

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