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Things That You Should Know About Kitchen Towels

Things That You Should Know About Kitchen Towels

Actually there are different types of kitchen towel that are used in kitchen on daily basis. As we all know there are so many appliances and tools present in the kitchen that are meant to help us in our day to day activities starting from cooking to cleaning dishes. So while doing all these work you definitely need to have clean your hands or dishes by using kitchen towels. Its actually the most important thing that should be present in the kitchen. Actually people have gave lots of different names to these types of kitchen towels that includes dish towels, chef towels, hand towels and tea towels. All these towels come under the category of kitchen towels but they use to have different uses.

Kitchen Towels:

Actually kitchen towels are known as towels that are meant to use in the kitchen. This seems to be very simple but further there are several different types of kitchen towels that people use in their daily life. Kitchen towels are actually just like bath towels but they are available in small size. Infect they are capable of absorbing enough water that use to get on our hands during spills, dishwashing, while cleaning cutting board, drying hands etc.

Types of Kitchen Towels:

Here we are discussing about some the types of kitchen towels that are normally used in kitchen and which you should have in your kitchen;

1. Chef Towel:

First type of kitchen towels that are used very commonly are known as Chef Kitchen towels. These towels are used mostly in professional settings and there will be lots of things going on at the same time in the professional kitchen that’s why chef needs to have towels so that he would maintain the cleanliness while cooking the food. Keep in mind that chef towels are actually are pretty bland. They are not made to look attractive instead in that case functionality matters a lot. It is available in lots of different colors but white color is used the most.

2. Tea Towels:

Next type of towels that people prefer to use very commonly is known as tea towels. These yellow tea towels are also used to dry up kitchen items and cutlery but they can also be used to serve things to your guests just like you can simply roll the scones and muffins in these towels and then serve them up in the dishes to make it look more attractive. Other than that you can use them to cover up the tea pots when serving the tea and also use then a as a décor to give an added touch while serving tea or breakfast.

3. Dish Towels:

Next type of towel that is used the most and is considered to be very important for every kitchen is known as dishtowels. Basically these towels are meant to clean the dishes and dry those up especially when you actually hand wash them. These towels will help you to speed up the process of drying up the dishes and prevent to have the water spots on the dishes that use to appear if you will keep the wet dishes.

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