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Things People Won’t Tell You about Working as a DJ

Things People Won’t Tell You about Working as a DJ

Electric dance music is making a great impact on the community. It has developed enormously over the past few years. Today, it has gained a huge following, which rivals that of the European countries and the rest of the planet. Everyone wishes to become a DJ at this moment.

Well, who could fault them? Working as a DJ has to be the most pleasurable professionals in town. There’s nothing more enjoyable than being able to travel the globe and perform at some of the majestic venues around. Your work needs you to dance and party. Could life get any much better?

If those reasons are not enough for you, just visualize hundreds or thousands of some of the sexiest and gorgeous women twerking and grooving to your music, as you are zoomed while you perform.

No doubt, becoming a DJ might be one of the coolest professions on the world. You get to listen to different music, and you are paid to play what you feel to a pool of people. That is not to say it’s very simple. However, you will also find many reasons why working as a DJ could cause massive anxiety.

In this post, you will learn several things a DJ experiences which aren’t brought up in interviews or during party recap videos.

Your relationship will be often overwrought

Business associates of the opposite sex instigating worries. Last-minute bookings are getting in the way of vital plans. Folks who cannot stand you being away for more than just a week or more. These are only some of the things, which put a pressure on a companion. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have somebody who could deal with it, then take advantage of your single life.

But if you have significant other, the life of a DJ is a bit stressful. Working a DJ means you’ll have gigs coming at the eleventh hour. You need to work during holidays and have less time to be with your special someone at the club.

The majority of girls cannot handle that type of lifestyle. For sure, you might be frustrated dealing with it if you’re inside the club setting. Women like time and attention with you. However, it is not something you could just easily give up.

Travel will become your second hobby

Although you are fortunate with a continuous flow of local events, any legit DJ is being requested to play in different locations they have never been to. Flying on a plane, sleeping on a hotel, taking a nap, being requested to eat dinner by the promoter, and then having to perform a show is somewhat a draining job. Furthermore, not being able to organize sufficient time to see some nights in the place you are performing is surely no fun at all.

Play on hundreds of events like weddings, birthday parties, etc.

Being a DJ also involves playing music at different parties. Some of these include a family wedding. Do you still feel how cringey it is to play a nineties song? Of course, you do. There might be instances that you need to play that kind of music most of the time, especially if you wish to make an income as a DJ.

The good thing here is that having gigs are lucrative, even though they are not totally fun at all. We advise that if you wish to make some revenue as a DJ, specifically a town DJ, expect that this will be your bread and butter.

You need to have a second job

Now that everybody and their bro has a laptop, DJs are simply a dime a dozen. Mostly, promoters exploit the scarcity of accessible venues, and they sacrifice the quality for a following to fill their coffees. You see, DJs are anticipated to fill the bar. You need to take a modest cut of the bar revenues. You are also expected to boot if they have tired all their friends. Are you now asking where all the love has gone?

Getting requests from the crowd

Nothing is more annoying than getting a request from someone. If you’re one of those local DJs, it will not be an issue playing a PSY or a Justin Bieber for the crowd and throw a drink at them. It ought to be very acceptable for talent to throw a drink at clienteles who request for awful music. Club owners who did not consider making a separated place for their artists to play in, so such requests are not even possible should get drinks thrown on them, as well.

You will be asked to promote your music

If a club is too cheap to employ a promotional team, they are not going to pay a DJ if their residency becomes fruitful. It should not be the duty of the artist to fill the club though unless they are being compensated extra to make sure it meets capacity.

Drunk people every day

There’s no more depressing setting for a recovering alcoholic than being surrounded by more alcoholics. Even when you are drunk, drunks are very much maddening. Have you ever walked into a club sober at 11 in the morning? Well, you might be aware of what we’re trying to say here.

Fake people everywhere

You have encountered numerous of bright individuals in your life. However, none is worse than people who swear they have the advantage in the industry. You will meet people asking to be your manager even if you don’t know their significance. There will be party promoters who don’t have any crowd. People who are “starting a label.” You will also meet photographers, videographers and deemed vloggers who aren’t aware of their shit images. You will encounter lots of fake people in this industry. They will always be in your way.

We’re certain there are more of the coins this post has missed. But we know you’ve got the idea if you want to learn to DJ in London. It will be still up to you how you’ll make your DJ life a wonderful one.

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