The World’s Fifth Wealthiest Man According to Forbes: Elon Musk

The World’s Fifth Wealthiest Man According to Forbes: Elon Musk

Turning dreams into reality, a belief that will change the world—selling a space invader game at $500, writing his first own game at the age of 12 and now the 5th richest man on earth. Yes, the real Tony Stark, the billionaire, ELON MUSK.

He is an engineer, inventor, and visionary leader. The world gets to witness such a visionary only once in a century. Believing in youth and inspiring them to contribute to the world, this made the huge empire of PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City, and many more.

According to Forbes latest business news, Elon Musk is now 5th Wealthiest man taking down Warren Buffett, Phil knight and Michael Bloomberg. Till mid-March, he was 31st richest man having $25 Billion net worth. The tremendous growth in Tesla stocks had made Tesla markets capitalisation largest of all car manufacturers.

Elon's most of the wealth is from his shares, and he has the majority of his shares from his own company. Musk believes in the youth and introducing the world to his modern and futuristic belief made many young shareholders invest and buy his company's shares

As after mid-March Tesla market is booming up, they delivered more than 90k vehicled after March. Now Tesla has the highest share value in the market taking down many companies such as Fiat, GM, Ford and others. Now Tesla is worth $300 Billion. Tesla futuristic models and new better battery life promises have boosted the market.

Next comes here SpaceX, it's worth is around $ 36 billion and this was the first privately funded company, and despite having the worst days Elon's belief and SpaceX staff made this company what it is capable of doing.

The dream SpaceX is the future of the world. SpaceX launch NASA's Cargo till the end of 2019 after that SpaceX had launched NASA's astronauts. It is the first private company to do so.

Apart from all this Musk has given a lot to this world specifically in terms of technology, X.con was his first money transfer company which is now known as Paypal. He made money transfer easy and safe for users. He may have failed at a certain point but he never gave up.

Most of the time his tweets are nothing but the ideas what he'll do next like he just tweets something important and then he realises he has to do this and he has the company, from such ideas we have the boring company.

To avoid the traffic he dug a tunnel and here we go, we have new transportation facility now, still, this project is under progress but trials are done so we can expect the launch as soon as possible

Apart from all of this he has wealth in real estate too, nearly about $100 million. And about $40 million worth property is worldly for him. He also tweeted he will sell his house and actually sold one of his houses in Los Angeles for $29 million.

Elon quoted, " There need to be things that inspire you," his self-belief and Love for his work has made him a billionaire.

Well, I can predict him becoming the first richest man someday.

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