The “SUNNY SIDE” of Your Sun Sign

The “SUNNY SIDE” of Your Sun Sign

Ever wondered, what’s that one trait that people love most about you? What’s that one thing that drives your partner crazy? No want to learn more about the game of character traits based on the zodiac sign, continue reading.

  1. ARIES:

If people belonging to this sun sign have to be described in one word, it is “CHARISMATIC”. Their charms can lure anyone and the fiery nature of this zodiac sign makes straightway to the heart. With the ruling planet, Mars, Aries possess the passion for everything - be it work, relationship or life. This passion makes them a “radiant lover” as well. With all this charisma and passion, another trait that makes these “charming” people enticing is their confidence which is easily noticeable from miles away.

  1. TAURUS:

People belonging to this sun sign are the most “committed partners”. Their stability and refined taste in things make them “secured and loyal” partners. Ruled by none other than the planet of beauty and pleasure, Venus, they are quite sensuous and love to “spoil” their partners. They have a bit inclination towards fine arts and you can totally take them to “museum dates”. They are absolutely great when it comes to solving problems and is easily the “person next door” in case you need any help.

  1. Gemini

If fun is to be given a synonym amongst all the zodiac signs, it would definitely be Gemini. These energetic souls love to try new things every now and then which make them the absolute “fun-loving” souls. Also, talking is another way of having fun because Gemini can talk about anything and everything. If you are one soul looking for a partner to “explore the unexplored”, then Gemini are your soul mates. These fun-loving souls are very intelligent too and their curiosity to explore the “possibilities of new” makes them discover and learn these things all the time.


Their loyalty, empathy, and efforts are noteworthy. A person of this zodiac sign is homely. You can always “feel like home” beside them. Cancerians are ambitious too but this spark is to give a better life to their loved ones. Their love for their family or partner drives their ambition to seek excellence. These souls are creative in nature too and you can often find them doing something artistic. One thing that makes them to” love and to be loved back” is their sensitivity towards people and situations.

  1. Leo

These are optimistic souls and their only mantra in life is “to love and to be loved”. When it comes to Leo, the intensity has no degree on which it can be determined. You can see them intensely passionate about the things they love. Loyalty is another trait that makes Leo one of the best people “to count on” in tough times. For a Leo, the glass is always half full, the grass is always greener on their sides. They are too optimistic and probably this optimism is the fuel to their courage.

  1. Virgo

Famed as the “PERFECTIONIST” of all the 12 zodiac signs, Virgo forms the people who are very particular and strives for nothing less than “excellence”. They are analytical in their behavior as well. Their generosity and energy are absolutely contagious. They believe in the power of communication and you often find them using this thing to lead even the mightiest of “wars”. Their dark humor and impeccable taste makes them a perfect partner.

  1. LIBRA

This sun sign is ruled by the planet of generosity, Venus which makes them the most thoughtful and lovable partners. They show their love in various forms and surprise their partner every time. Just like blood, affection runs in the veins of Libra and hence you find them the souls full of “compassion”. These affectionate souls are thoughtful too which is one trait that makes them more adorable. Their charms can entice any soul and you can even find them the “life” of many parties too. They love to socialize and are blessed with “something natural”.


These are Enigmatic souls and you often find them hard to “decode”. Another trait that makes them lovable is their contagious passion and protective nature. If you’re seeking something more than a fling, then people of this sun signs is what you’re looking for. Their passion has its own lures which makes them “super sexy”. Not only that, their intellect and understanding nature makes them the person “you need in any tough times”.


These happy souls are “adventure enthusiasts”. They don’t think when it comes to trying new things. Another thing they are blessed with apart from abundant courage is wisdom. They turn out to be the people you can always turn to for some good advice. Their wisdom empowers them to direct you to a better path. This sun sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter which makes them extremely fun loving souls to be around. Another thing they are blessed with is “LUCK” which turns out to be in their favor all the time.


These souls are much focused and all their actions are generally driven by the simple objective of reaching out for their Goals. This makes them more lovable. Another thing, people love about the person of this sun sign is “STYLE”. They love to achieve goals and then portray the same in the most stylised manner. Also, their commitment in relationships makes them ideal partners.


“Beauty with Brains” is the ideal phrase to describe a person of this sun sign. As an air sign, people are generally more intelligent and open-minded. Their approach towards things and then perceiving them is not conventional and often surprise everyone. Honesty is another trait that makes them an ideal partner. Also, people of this sun sign are no less than “social butterfly” and love to be surrounded by people.


These water babies have a natural gift of “understanding and empathetic nature”. This is one trait that makes them more lovable. They are quite intuitive in nature. Also, they love to live in their own world which is still full of “romantic tales”, rainbows and unicorns. Their humbleness and giving nature are some other character traits that make them a lovable partner.

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