The Role of Hypnosis Therapy in Chronic Pain Management

The Role of Hypnosis Therapy in Chronic Pain Management

When it comes to acute pain, sudden and short duration pain characterizes it. Chronic pain is one that persists for many days, months, years and in some cases, even a lifetime. This is a debilitating, life-changing and complex condition. The estimates could often vary, but estimates show that the numbers of chronic pain sufferers in the US run into millions. In addition, the personal toll on individual chronic pain sufferers is more difficult to quantify. Lack of self-worth, depression, a sense of hopelessness, lack of confidence and an increase of social isolation are factors that could lead to chronic pain sufferers turning to hypnosis therapy, pain management Atlanta.

Traditional medical treatments for chronic pain often are protracted and it is multi-disciplinary, could include physiotherapy, powerful medication, talking therapies or surgery. For some people a combination of mainstream medical therapies can result in the alleviation of their chronic pain, however, alternatives are available. One may ask does hypnotherapy actually help in the management of chronic pain.

Does Hypnotherapy Work In Chronic Pain?

It is important that anyone considering a consultation with a hypnotherapist for support in chronic pain management should receive a formal diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner. Pain is our body’s way of signaling that something is not right, and this causes chronic pain, which specialists need to diagnose before consulting a hypnotherapist.

During a hypnosis therapy session, the therapist will ask patients to rate their pain so that they record the therapy session to measure the actual progress. Usually, the scales are invaluable because the pain experience is quite subjective. Note that the way the human brain perceives and interprets pain signals can vary from one person to the other. As a part of the hypnosis therapy sessions, clients will learn that they need to follow a plan as a support such as a personalized CD.

In Kroll Care hypnosis therapy, the sessions often include some form of progressive relaxation techniques and distraction techniques through visualizations of the pain, together with some positive suggestions for increased control over the pain and a focus on the wellness and recovery.

Hypnosis therapy is all about convincing you to not feel the pain, help you manage anxiety and the fear that you feel related to the pain. It will help to relax you and redirect all your attention from the pain sensation. A hypnosis session often lasts for about 10-20 minutes, where you will start by trying to focus on your breathing and relax.

Patients Need to Be Open about their Pain

During the hypnosis therapy session, it is important that patients describe their pain in detail, including things like what factors worsen the pain, the duration it lasts for, the symptoms and uses keywords to describe exactly how the pain feels. This could be burning, stabbing, needles, pins, aching, etc.

Sometimes, the pain could be from other problems like shoulder pain, and this is when you will need to consult chiropractors.

The Hypnosis Therapy Approach to Pain Relief

Breathing and Relaxation

For chronic pain, some people may be experiencing this due to a lack of supply of oxygen in their muscles, causing tightness and an increase in pain. At such times, hypnosis therapy guides pain sufferers on how to breathe through exercises to increase the flow of oxygen into their body. It also encourages patients to forget all their worries and focus on better relaxation.

Induction of “Trance” State

An experienced hypnotist will ask you to be comfortable and work on the trance induction. This means they will use designed words that will take you to a relaxing and comfortable trance. Even though the hypnotist would get you actively in the relaxation process, you will not be a passive observer. During the session, you will be aware of your surroundings, what the hypnosis therapist says to you.

Imagination to Combat Chronic Pain

When you are in the trance, the hypnotherapist will also encourage you to create a good image in your mind or what the pain should look like and how you can get rid of it. Hypnotists will carefully guide you on how you should release the pain. The subconscious mind will not actually know the difference between reality and fantasy, through the imaginary journey, the mind focuses on releasing the pain.

Once under the trance, the hypnotist will encourage you to create an image in your mind of what pain is what it looks like, and how you can see yourself to get rid of it. Maybe the pain is a shape, object, or color. Hypnotists then guide you on what you can do to release it. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality, so through an imaginary journey, the subconscious actually releases pain from the body.

Releasing Positive Emotions

In some cases, the main reason behind the chronic pain you experience may be a person, people around you or emotions that surround specific incidence. As you go through hypnosis therapy and pain management Atlanta, the therapist will guide you on how you should release some positive emotions to stop the pain.

Hypnosis therapy comes with many benefits; you just have to make sure that you consult the right therapist, and have a positive approach to life.

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