The Cowboy's Twins Romantic Story for You

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The Cowboy's Twins Romantic Story for You

Every person is very much interested in reading the most romantic stories in all age groups especially the youngsters. Whenever you are willing to read the romantic storybooks during your leisure time, then several books are available now from the different authors. But you can't find such the romantic feel and greater book reading experience from some other books than the Mills and Boon books. The Mills and Boons is the most popular publisher of only the most romantic stories for the readers. It has been in this field since 1908 and still now it has the best popularity among the several numbers of readers.

The Cowboy's Twins:

All Jess McQuire wants in this story is actually to be the champion tie-down roper. At the similar time, he also loves the real thrill of rodeo circuit although his marriage did not survive it because it ended 4 years ago. Now back in Horseshoe, Texas, he encounters his past life and his previous wife Abby along with the 3 years old twins children. Jess did not know that he had such kids with his former wife.

During the special day, his previous wife Abby came back to Jess's life and knocking his life door again to join with. She already knows that it is somewhat tough for him to be a father for her kids but at the same time he was raising them alone for 4 years. When her husband Jess selects the rodeo over her, she doesn't think that she can stand alone further heartbreak and raise the children again.

Different chapters of the story:

1. In chapter one, both Jess and his former wife Abby regrets their mistakes and they want to be together further in their life. They both feel sorry to walk out of each other's lives and they would like to make everything back as good in their life to be happy at all.

2. If the readers are considering the second chapter of this story, it describes that all Sunday afternoons in the Horseshoe, Texas were carefree and lazy at all. Most of the shops were closed except for taking the dinner and also a few numbers of stores. Abby and her twin kids had gone to the church with her parents and all of them had lunch together.

Like these, there are totally 20 chapters to describe this wonderful love and romantic story of a couple with their children.

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