The Australian Vacation: Answers to When & Why

The Australian Vacation: Answers to When & Why

Having a clear idea regarding the background and objectives while in a place is perhaps more important than outright planning. It not only helps one be more precise and clear, but it also helps maintain records, organize things in a particular manner, plan trips and most importantly – not rush up stuff at the last minute and turn that ‘to be dream break’ into a nightmare!

The ‘land down under’ (confused already? Refers to the Commonwealth of Australia) is the largest country in Oceania and 6th largest in the world concerning the total area. Sounds awesome already?! Australia is also the world’s 13th largest economy and has the 10th highest Per Capita Income (PCI) With Canberra as its capital, and with its largest city Sydney, Australia has a lot to offer to any traveler. And by ‘a lot to offer' – it is not limited to Australian football, cricket, surfing, yacht racing, etc.

Let me now show you a few beautiful cities, some that I love; and what you, as a traveler can do there. And yes, read along to get to know your answers. Allow me to try and get you to fall in love with what Australia has to offer.


If you relate Queensland to the diver’s dream, you probably started thinking of The Great Barrier Reef. It doesn't matter if you’re a beginner or an avid diver, it’s always an extraordinary experience to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Fraser Island is one of the longest beaches in the world. If you think beaches are too mainstream, you could visit this island to witness sand dunes, shipwrecks and more. Don’t forget to visit lake McKenzie though!

Also, do not forget to catch up on the Whitsundays, a group of 75 islands. The attractive white sandy beaches overlooking the calm blue water is a sure treat for the eyes. Come Gold Coast, the surfer’s paradise. The place is synonymous for a lot of adventure activities as well. Also, the Commonwealth Games of 2018 was held here.


If you think about any cities in Victoria State, I’ll bet you would start with Melbourne. The urban city paves the way for amazing coastlines, springs and much more. The city is so captivating that you might spend days endlessly enjoying, relaxing and grooving along with the metropolis. If you are in the league of people who like to believe that the view from the top is impressive, you could start with a hot air balloon ride. The sunset over the Yarra River is a captivating sight as well. A sure shot not – to – miss thing is a combination of the sunset and city lights. Be sure to catch sight of it!

The Graffiti Lanes would do more than captivate and subconsciously engage you if you are an art buff. The Eureka Sky deck is the world’s one-off moving glass structure that you can see sway over the 88th floor!


Get it from the image itself? The Sydney Opera house is one of the historical landmarks one can witness in Sydney. A symbol of dominance, it is perhaps the identity, the most iconic building of Australia. If you think bridges can't be a landmark, do visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This adds up to Australian landmarks.

Having a suitable climate for outdoor and recreational activities, Byron Bay has a lot to offer. One of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Cape Byron Headland reserve presents epic views of oceans, rainforests, and lakes. The location is also a hotspot for breathtaking looking waterfalls, bird watchers and endangered species. The Blue mountains also give you a view to remember! Also known as the three sisters due to topography, it gives the blue mountains a distinct identity.


Australia is synonymous with Kangaroos, its national animal as well. You could start with a visit to kangaroo island and get to see kangaroos, seals, pelicans, etc. If you're lucky, you might also see koalas slumbering in gum trees. More places to visit include the Admiral Arch, Penneshaw Penguin center, Hanson Bay sanctuary, etc. Moving to historical landscapes, comes the Flinders Range. Try to seek the endangered yellow-footed rock wallaby here. The Wilpena pound is worth your time as well.

In the Gawler range of South Australia, do not forget to see lake Gairdner. It will give you that authentic feel of venturing into another planet. The awe-inspiring landscape, the red hills at the ranges, makes for a scenic spot. A unique finding of ours and one which finds a rather special mention is the Burra Homestead; something music lovers may not fail to recognize. Abandoned years ago, it sits alone and empty on the sides of the road and is definitely a ‘standing’ example.

I could go on and on, for Australia has significantly more to offer. But Australia sounds exciting for you already doesn’t it? Let me now tell you the ideal time to visit the place, as per my experience and statistics. Also, don’t neglect a valid visitor visa health insurance! Let me stress a bit more on the health insurance part before jumping further. Reason – IMPORTANT.

Even the Australian department of home affairs strongly recommends travelers, under the 600 visa to maintain adequate health insurance during their stay in Australia to meet medical expenses. Well, you might not know this, but our ‘lucky country' is one of the few in the world to provide world-class healthcare to its citizens. And rightly, maintains the standards. If nothing seems to convince you, a single healthcare day, in a hospital could cost you more than 1000 AUD. It might probably create a colossal depression in your wallets. Think about it. Money has multiple uses. Want to spend it on shopping goods worth remembering or spending it on something, which could be possibly avoided? Also know how to save your wallet. Read! Read!

Before getting on to the central part you’ve been waiting for, know that Australia lies in the Southern hemisphere, not the northern hemisphere. There are broadly four seasons:

• Summer: December – February
This would be the best time to visit Australia as you enter into a new year. The climate may get hot, and therefore you may want to carry your sunscreen along. Also, do attend the Sydney festival and Australian Open, if you love tennis. There are a couple of world-class cricket matches held as well. The average temperature would range between 15 – 30 degree Celsius.

• Autumn: March-May
A highlight of this season is the annual F1 Grand Prix. Also, due to the temperature varying between 10 – 15 degrees, it is ideal for food and wine festivals and going for coastal walks with your loved ones. You could also visit the Ningaloo Reef, or even go to Adelaide, the festive state. Your problem? Crowds!

• Winter: June – August
If you would like to witness a vibrant and classy Christmas, this is the best time to visit Australia. Think of skiing and snow – activities. The Great Barrier Reef is something to be attended as the waters do not become frozen during this time. Generally, winter is the season for cultural tourism as well.

• Spring: September – November
If you love being in waters (not literally though!) – this time of the year is exclusively for you! Engage in kayaking, surfing, and canoeing. Do not forget to visit the Kangaroo island and experience Australian wildlife. If in Queensland, do not miss the chance to watch the whales move to different locations. If you love nature and surroundings, you might want to head to Western Australia. The mercury during this season lies approximately between 11 – 23 degrees.

The conditions are not uniform as well. In general, the northern cities like Darwin are warm throughout the year and southern states like Melbourne or Adelaide witness cooler winters. Also, the answer depends on a lot of factors and is, therefore, subjective. It depends on factors like personal preference, visiting time and availability, choice, budget, duration, atmosphere, etc.

The sight of a beach and tourists in Melbourne, in summer, is something you may not want to miss. For an F1 Grand Prix lover, there is the Melbourne Grand Prix held every year, and for winters, one can go for skiing in the Australian Alps. And this is just an example.

I would, however, recommend the Spring season or the early Autumn season the best time to visit Australia. I find them season neither too hot, nor too cold, and one that is economically beneficial for travelers. Save your fortune on airline and general expenses which arise in the summers due to term breaks for students, and increasing flow of backpackers flowing in or in winters due to Christmas. The months of December and January are the most expensive. You surely do not want to go and witness jam-packed beaches.

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