The Art of Being an Artist

The Art of Being an Artist

There is a reason why artists seem happier and more fulfilled than you. They know there is an art to it. There is an art to being an artist. Artistry is not something to be proclaimed by word of mouth. You have to show it and live it. Your action and lifestyle should be a manifestation of your art. If you are a painter, live like a painter. If you are a singer, live like a singer. If you are a rapper, live like a rapper. The ultimate mark of an artist is people being able to recognize you or your work before you even introduce yourself. A professional dancer doesn’t have to say he or she is a dancer, you can just tell. All one has to do is look.

Here are some of the things you can use to identify an artist


The best way to identify an artist or express your artistry is through your dressing. The artist doesn’t like suits and ties. They find them too stuck up and limiting. Artists wear whatever they feel like. Their clothes are a reflection of how they feel. One thing for sure is their dressing code is always off-kilter. Trust an artist to show up in something you wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Clothes are a big part of being an artist because fashion is also an art. Rappers, singers, and Hollywood actors are the biggest consumers of big brands such as Givenchy, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs and so on. As much as we may not admit it, most of us derive our style from artists we admire.

How They Talk

Artists use words like vibe, gravitate or mantra in their conversations. They view the world from a different perspective and that reflects heavily on their day to day conversations. With an artist, you are able to hold a deep and meaningful discussion about life and humanity. Artists are fully aware of everything going on around them. They can point out to you things about the world that you have never noticed before. Your eyes and thinking can be opened in so many different ways.

So when you meet a true artist, you will know. And if you consider yourself a true artist, trust me, it already shows. Artistry can either be innate or acquired. Either way, it is more than just a practice; it is a way of life.

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