Steps to Improve Communication Skills

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Steps to Improve Communication Skills

Language is the most important weapon in a person’s hand these days. In some cases, it even depicts the career prospects of a person. A person should be linguistically most intelligent before anything else. Moreover, we are very well aware of the role of a language in our lives. As human beings, we have the need to share our thoughts and be heard. In order to accomplish this, language plays a vital role in conveying the same to the other person to reach a common understanding. It acts as an interface/medium for interaction. Imagine what would happen if we didn’t have any language that is universally acceptable. We would never be able to convey our thoughts to each other.

Now that we must know a language to be able to interact. We have reached a level where knowing a language isn’t enough. We must be able to speak the same with fluency. Even the need of an hour is to be multi-lingual. This competition posed by the world is in a way good. It’s urging you to perfect it and being better constantly. What can be better than this?

How can one improve communication skills?

Before I start, let me make it very clear that communication skills involve written and spoken language both. Both are the means to communicate your thoughts to people around you. Consistent application of these tips can help you improve your communication skills to a great deal. I am not asking you to make major changes, nor is there a sure shot solution to improving your language. It cannot happen overnight, it will take considerable amount of time that depends on you. Make smaller changes and do them consistently, you surely will see some positive changes in you.

  • Frame shorter sentences. There are fewer chances of committing mistakes.

  • Listen attentively and notice how people speak.

  • Watch movies and shows in the language you want to develop.

  • Improve your grammatical mistakes by keeping a check on them.

  • PRACTICE!! No alternative can beat this one. Practice that area which you want to develop.

  • Write down your thoughts. It will contribute a lot in helping you improve.

  • Read a lot. Reading will not only expose your mentality towards other people’s opinions but will also help you take note of how to express yourself better.

  • Be brief and specific in what you convey.

  • Your body language should be in consistency with your words.

This is an illustrative list of what you can do. These may or may not work for you. But will surely make a difference if you are consistent and patient.

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