Staying neat on the long road trip. Tips for driver and passengers

Staying neat on the long road trip. Tips for driver and passengers

During a long trip, it is pleasant to see clean and fresh cabin of the car and to stay fresh as well. When travelling with a big family, maintaining cleanliness is not always easy. However, nothing is impossible – just use our tips!

What is needed for car clearness?

  1. Portable vacuum cleaner.

Now there is a very large selection of car vacuum cleaners for every taste, color and wallet. It will help you remove crumbs, wool, and dust from the most inaccessible corners. This gadget is especially useful if you have children: cookies and sandwiches in the car become commonplace. A portable vacuum cleaner, as a rule, does not take much space. It will be also useful while using a rented a car. When you order, for example, car rental under 25, you will keep this car clean as well.

  1. Brushes and a toothbrush.

If there is no vacuum cleaner, then a regular toothbrush will come in handy. It perfectly takes out all the crumbs and dirt from the most hidden corners of the upholstery. In order to remove dust from the ventilation grilles and dashboard, you will need an old brush for painting. Wash it with soap and always carry it with you in the glove compartment - you need to clean the devices from dust at least once a month.

  1. Trash bin.

Wet wipes for cars are usually sold in a plastic glass, which fits perfectly into the cup holder of the car. These wipes will disperse very quickly (especially if you are traveling with the kids), and its empty container will be a great solution to throw garbage into it.

  1. Natural aromatizing agent.

You can buy ready-made options: "little tree" fresheners, silicone balls and others. However, you need to be careful with them. Such flavors become carcinogenic when interacting with tobacco smoke, so do not buy them if you smoke in the cabin. It is best to make an aromatizing agent with your own hands:

  • Put your favorite spices in a fabric bag: cinnamon and vanilla sticks, caraway seeds and anise, coriander, cloves. Tie the bag and throw it in the car. A pleasant smell will delight you for a long time.
  • You can also make an effective soda aromatizing agent. You will need any container with holes: an old cosmetic bottle, a special jar, a saltshaker - at your discretion. Fill a third of it with soda; drip 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oils (citrus, coniferous, mint). Such a flavor will serve you for a long time. You will only need to shake it periodically.
  • Pour cat litter into a stocking. It will absorb both excess moisture from the cabin and unpleasant odors. You can drip a little essential oil into it.

Not only the car should look neat on a long road, but also the passengers. How to look like you did not spend the whole day in the car, but just left the hotel room and came to a meeting? At first glance this seems impossible (and unnecessary), but ironing things on the road is not so difficult.

How to iron clothes on the road?

  1. Choose the right outfit

The easiest way to avoid ironing is to choose clothes made of crease-resistant fabrics (with the addition of synthetic fibers, usually with 5-8% of lycra). Alternatively, you can take the clothes made from plisse cotton or flax. This outfit can be rolled up and packaged in a suitcase without much hassle. In addition, it takes up less space.

  1. Put easily wrinkled items of clothing on the top of the bag

If you have to pack, for example, a jacket or trousers, first put in your suitcase everything heavy. Then- more delicate items of clothing. Fill the shoulders of the jacket with underwear - panties, socks –you will save space.

  1. Unpack immediately

Upon arrival at the place, immediately unpack the clothes and hang them on the hangers. Before this, slightly moisturize the fabric with wet hands. During the night, clothes will have time to dry out and to smooth.

4. Have hair conditioner, vinegar and water with you

You can iron clothes without an iron. Buy vinegar, a bottle of drinking water and hair conditioner at the nearest supermarket. Take 1 tablespoon of hair conditioner, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 2 cups of water. Shake the mixture in a bottle and spray on crumpled areas.

An important point: this method is not suitable for delicate fabrics or glittering fabrics: stains will appear.

The car interior can tell a lot about its owner. If you see a baby car seat - it means that there are children in this family, if the car smells cigarettes - probably the driver smokes, if you see wool and villi - a cat or a dog travels in the car. Therefore, it is so important to have cleanliness and comfort in the car cabin. We hope that your household tips would help to put things in order in the car.

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