Some Strange and Exciting Traditions Followed Around the World

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Some Strange and Exciting Traditions Followed Around the World

Traditions of a particular place create an indelible mark as to how the people of that place live and what are their thought processes on certain matters. While the outsiders may find these rituals strange, but they are of greater significance in the lives of local inhabitants. It is part of their tradition they have utmost faith in no matter how irrelevant they appear to you. Let us take a look at some of these strange customs that are still taking place in the world.

  1. Thaipusam Festival in India- This festival is celebrated by the Tamil communities in India in order to show devotion to Lord Murugan. They pierce their body parts including the tongue to show devotion. Some people even pull large vehicles with ropes attached to their pierced body parts.

  2. La Tomatina in Spain- It is one of the popular festivals in Spain in which tomatoes are used as weapons to fight where all the people gather in the main square and grab tomatoes to start the fight.

  3. Crying of brides in China- Brides of China cry for a month before getting married. It is still practiced in some parts of China by the Fuji.

  4. Filling Tooth in Bali- In Bali the couple before getting married have to undergo tooth filling. This is done to keep stupidity, greed, lust, jealousy and intoxication away from the couple. It is done by filling two of the teeth.

  5. Nag Panchmi in India- in this festival snakes are worshipped. Even snakes are regarded as gods in India which is why the deadliest of the snakes like cobra are worshipped. They are offered milk and honey and is celebrated by performing a dance with the snakes. Shockingly there are no incidents of snake bites heard during that time.

  6. Foot binding in China- In China smaller feet are considered as a mark of beauty and women are compelled to bind their feet so that they do not grow in size. It is a very painful experience for the girls as they suffer from a lot of discomfort due to binding.

  7. Bullet Ant Gloves in Amazon- Imagine the plight of a man who has to prove that he is a man with the ant sting. It is one of the most painful ritual where young boys have to endure the sting of bullet ants for about 10 minutes to prove they are men. In the process they dance to keep their concentration off the pain they are going through.

These traditions however strange but are very religiously followed by the native people.

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