Social Walls for Events - Everything You Should Know About Them

Social Walls for Events - Everything You Should Know About Them

Events are a great way to expand the reach and viability of your brand. To organize a successful event in today’s times, you must be aware of what the audiences really expect. A constant interaction, some exciting activities & a little attention – this is all that the attendees are looking for, during an event. So, what is that one thing that can boost the social interaction between you and your audiences? Let’s find out!

Social Wall & its Benefits

Social media walls can be simply defined as big digital walls/screens which display real-time user-generated content pulled out from different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more. This content can be posts, feeds, pictures, videos, etc. created by the audiences which, when displayed on these big digital screens, make them feel an important part of the big event.

To have a better understanding of how using a social media wall can scale up your event standards, let us first look at some of the major benefits it offers: -

Increase Audience engagement – It could be a challenging task to keep your audiences engaged throughout the event without the use of a social media wall. This one big digital wall is capable of holding the audiences’ attention by making them feel valued and accepted.

Build a loyal & happy community around your brand– “To get something, you must give something.” This universal rule applies here as well. You give attention to your audiences by getting their names displayed on these digital screens which in turn builds a happy & loyal community around your brand.

A social media milestone –Today, your social media presence defines the status of your brand. And the use of these social media walls helps you to achieve one more milestone in your digital journey.

Identify your target audience - A social media wall collates all the content posted by your audience on a real-time basis. This gives an insight into the genuine preferences of your users on a large scale. So, it becomes easier for you to identify your target audience and their interests.

Influence purchase decisions – A good experience through an effective audience engagement is sure to influence the purchase decisions of your brand users in the future. People are more likely to spend where they think their engagement is appreciated.

What else can be done on Social Media walls?

Social Media walls are all about keeping your audiences happy and engaged. So, other than displaying the user-generated content, there are many different ways which can help you grab the attention of the crowd. Let’s see.

Sponsored Posts – Social Media walls can be used as a medium to showcase sponsored posts to your users. This will encourage them to share similar kind of posts thus increasing the popularity & reach of your brand.

Contests & Competitions – You can keep your spectators engaged by rolling out different contests in the middle of your event. People are tempted towards the prizes and the fame that they would get on the social walls if they win the competition.

Survey sessions – These digital walls can also serve as the polling station for your audiences. Conducting a survey allows audiences to rate your brand on different perspectives which give you an insight into the likes and dislikes of your users.

Get to know Taggbox – Your Ultimate Digital Choice for Events

Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool which aggregates content from various social media platforms and displays it on an impressive social wall. These digital walls can be used during events, conferences, exhibitions, office displays, and other places. In addition to what a regular social wall offers, it has many unique features which help to elevate your brand's social status. Some of these features include –

1. Moderation – This powerful feature helps you prevent all the negative content from going on the big screen

2. Analytics – This tool provides you information about the influencers and the most active users of your brand.

3. Dedicated Support – It offers live support from the internal team to prevent any technical mishap during the event.

Today, many leading brands are leveraging these digital walls to make an event a memorable experience for their consumers. So, if you haven’t explored this digital innovation yet, don’t forget to book space for a social wall in your next event!

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