Significance of First Impression and Few Tips to Create a Positive First Impression

Significance of First Impression and Few Tips to Create a Positive First Impression

Have you ever wondered why first impressions are so important? Why are people so persistent in creating a positive first impression? The fact is they are very crucial in creating the first impact of you on another person. No matter how much we say, it’s the inside that matters, but people are going to judge you when you are meeting them for the first time. Hence, it is important to leave something positive and long lasting with which they can associate you.

A first impression is an important determinant in whether people consider you “trustworthy” or not. They want to respect you or not are also determined by them with your first impression. It also leads to somewhere really good in your life. For instance, in job interviews, the first impression can make or break the entire game. So here are a few tips to give the positive first impression:

A positive body language for a good start:

How you approach a person, how you look at them, even the postures are judged by the other person. Your body language, little gestures and facial expressions should portray positivity and confidence. The age-old rule of “listening is gold” is one key to start with. You have to let other people speak first and you have to listen. This shows that you care enough about the thoughts and opinion of another person to pay a heed. If you start speaking first, it usually portrays you as someone “controlling” which often leads to mistrust by another person. If you do have to take the lead, start with the question and then listen to their response.

Break the ice with small talk

People tend to be all nervous or hesitant in first meetings. The pro tip is to break the ice with small talks. It is one good idea to engage the other person in small talks, to make them feel “all easy”. Small talks allow the other person to relax and to have some time to formulate their views and opinion. It also shows that you are a person to look for as you care enough to make them all comfortable.

Do a little homework if possible

While it’s not possible to predict “when you’re going to meet someone in person” for the first time, but if it’s possible do a little research. For instance, for a job interview, it’s good to know a little about the panel in advance before the meeting takes place. This will infuse the trust factor in other person’s mind because they believe that you have taken time to learn about them. Also, you can incorporate some of the traits they would love in you. This shows that a person initiates and is competent in his nature.


In all the spheres of life, a first impression can be very crucial in leading you somewhere, especially in your career. These tips will help you in marking a positive first impression on anyone. So make sure you incorporate these tips next time you meet someone for the first time.

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