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Side Effect of Eating Disorder

Side Effect of Eating Disorder

Many times what happen is that people suffering from eating disorder do not show any external sign but they experience pain and anxiety from inside. People who have eating disorder problem must take proper treatment under any medical professional. As per the latest research, early and fast taken measurement against the eating disorder problem leads to best results.

People who are affected with eating disorder usually are uncomfortable in experiencing emotional, social and spiritual development. Such people need proper guidance concerning their diet from any professional doctor. People who have eating disorder usually show different type of behavior.

  • Such People usually trips to bathroom several times in a day.

  • They have syndrome of eating large amount of food secretly.

  • Number of diet pills, diuretics gets increase

  • Usages of drugs and stimulus medications are taken by the person to limit the appetite.

People affected with eating disorder basically have equal roots which are based on genetics, life experience, medical history and environmental factors. Common signs which are observed in people with eating disorder are mentioned below:

  • Exiting from friends and family majorly arising question on their disease or visible physical/ medical side effects

  • Ignoring the meals or situation where there is presence of food

  • Preoccupation with body shape, size and weight

  • Doing exercise to burn the calories and losing weight

Symptoms of eating disorder in a person

We have described most of the common eating disorder and its detail in the below section. You can check the signs and symptoms which are usually varying with the progression stage and disease.

  • Binge- eating disorder: In this type of disease, a person eats a lot in secret and gulps thousands of calories in short time.

  • Bulimia: Here, the person consumes food in bulk amount as triggered due to disease and then rid themselves of excess calories.

  • Anorexia: Person affected with this disease starves themselves most of the times to maintain body image

Anorexia nervosa symptoms and signs

Woman affected with this type of disease have starvation of food and become thin. Generally, because of this condition, she needs to do daily exercise or simply consume less amount of food to meet the everyday calorie needs.

Anorexia nervosa is a disease where a person shows following symptoms:

  • Brittle nails

  • Hair fall

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness/ fainting

  • Irregularity in menstruation or loss of the same

  • Hair covering the face and on other places of the body

  • Underweight or appearance with pointing bones

Bulimia Nervosa symptoms and signs

People who have bulimic symptoms eats lots of food in just a small time and then they do exercise or vomiting to get rid of extra amount of calories. People who have underweight, normal weight or overweight, they all can suffer from bulimia nervosa as weight is not an issue in this kind of disease.

Bulimia nervosa symptoms consist of:

  • People have swollen salivary glands

  • People have irritation and inflammation in the food pipe (esophagus)

  • People have sores in the mouth and throat

  • People have damaged gums and teeth

  • Functioning of bowel is abnormal

  • Irregular Menstrual and loss of menstruation

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