Rarest Animals That May Disappear From Earth

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Rarest Animals That May Disappear From Earth

Animals play a very significant role in our life as well as in balancing ecosystem cycle. Being companions and workers of human beings, animals also increase world’s supply of nutritious food. Some of the animals are domesticated while some remain wild. Today, there are millions of animal breeds across the world. Still there are some species which are endangered by our activities. Due to pollution in air and water, constant threats from changing environment and predators, there are chances that some animal breeds get extinct in the long run. It may happen that our next generations become unable to watch some breeds of animals.

In this article, I have emphasized regarding those animals which are going to vanish in the forthcoming future. I hope you enjoy the content and it rolls out to be useful for you. So, let us enter the world of animals which may disappear from earth.

West African Lion

West African lions have rounded ears and black tail tuff. The color shade of these species varies from light buff to dark brown. Due to activities such as illegal trade of body parts of West African lions, poaching activity etc. these breeds have become less in number and their population is likely to vanish out in the nearby future. There is strict need of improvement in conservation activities otherwise these species will soon disappear completely from West Africa.

South China Tiger

It was 1970 when the south china tigers were estimated to be around 4000 in the central and eastern wild regions of china. According to the research done in mid 1990, there were less than 50 south china tigers present in the forest. Some of the people claim that none of the south china tigers are seen in the wild from past several years. These subspecies are considered that they will vanish in the upcoming months.

Amur Leopard

Amur leopard have thick coat of spot covered with fur. The fur is pale cream colored and this subspecies is the physically powerful in pattern. Because of poaching, forest fires, exploitation of forests, Amur leopard are reduced in population. They are threatened by the activities of mankind. These subspecies are threatened seriously due to development in the economic activities.

Sumatran Tiger

Typically found in Indonesia’s Sumatran Island, Sumatran tigers are one of the endangered subspecies across the world. Due to illegal poaching and deforestation, Sumatran tigers are only 400 in numbers present in the world. Sumatran tigers used to be 1000 during 1978. According to scientists, good efforts for conservation of these animals can increase their population.


The American biggest cats, Jaguar are threatened by the activities of man and environmental issues. Right now, there are 15000 jaguars in the wild. But it is estimated that if major actions are not undertaken for conservation of nature then these species will decrease and become extinct in the close future.

Besides, these species and subspecies in wild, there are other breeds also which are endangered by the activities of man. These animals have a big role in the nature and it is our responsibility to take correct steps to save these species from getting vanish.

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