Raise Your Voice Against Sexual Harassment

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Raise Your Voice Against Sexual Harassment

Women nowadays move freely in an open society, where they walk along with men, and in a lot of fields are doing better than men. People often dare to show the audacity and question a women’s decision but it is a well-known fact that a woman is a much better strategist than a man. Even after all these achievements, women live in a constant fear which has created a question that is women in Indian society really safe let alone the question of being independent.

Every now and then newspaper is followed by a dreadful news of sexual harassment against a female employee. Even the founder of revolutionary magazine “Tehelka” was convicted for sexual harassment against a fellow employee. What kind of country are we living in?

People need to know that this is a high time to raise their voices against sexual harassment. There are a number of ways to do so. Let’s begin with the first and the most common method:

Letters and written application

Women have started writing on social media anonymously about the incident related to their company and their employer. If a woman has been to any kind of such incident they can easily approach any of the agency, such as Crime against Women Cell, the NCW or even the police. Such complaints are taken seriously and investigated.

Under the guidelines of the jurisdiction, every organization should have their internal committee to solve such issues, but unless told by them a girl should not go on any social media site and post her issues online.

Change in Law

After so many incidents that have occurred in the past year, the government has changed the laws in order to secure the dignity of a woman. But does the change in law would be sufficient for the safety of women or the change is mindset is needed for the same. This is a pointer which asks to raise your voices in creating awareness amongst people of our country.

Exploring Resources

There are a lot of resources which have been introduced in the past few years. If a woman has, unfortunately, become the victim of such an unearthly act, the first place to approach is the women council in the office, then they can go to women’s commission and file a report. They can even go to the court if they are not satisfied with the action taken by the commission.

The motive is to make women understand about the preciousness of their existence and giving them the power to raise their voices against such acts.

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