Prepare Your Home For Rainy Season

Prepare Your Home For Rainy Season

People often wait for the rain to arrive. However, a rainy season can become the nastiest nightmare of house-owner. Monsoon season India has flooded regions in several states from July to September. Heavy rainfall can lead to severe smash up and can become a cause of flooded area in and around your house. If you are living in any such an area where there are chances of heavy rainfall then you can take proper steps to avoid damages and leakages due to spring thunderstorm.

In this content, I have explained some precautions which you must carry out to prepare your home for a rainy time of year.

Check out the Gutters

If the home’s gutters are blocked due to debris and ice which are loaded due to seasonal issues, then you must clear them. You can rinse water and spray a hose from beginning to end of the gutter so that it happens to be neat and clean. A use of trowel can be made in case jam in your gutters. You can even buy a cleaning tool purposely manufactured for your gutters and fix it with your hose.

Repair the Leakages

First of all, look out everywhere for the indication or mark of leakages. It is better to patch up all the leaks before the situation gets worse. Do an inspection of your house and see whether there are any water leakages. You must examine all the ceilings and edges and check for crumbles and cracks. If there is any signal of roof damage or sign of water entering the house, then you must immediately fix it.

Be Ready for Flooding

In case, you are living in such a region where floods are usual or there is the probability of flood occurrence then you must set up and organize before the heavy rainfall. You must shift all the electrical cords and furniture up off the floor. Move all the things which are delicate or can be easily affected to higher grounds. You must purchase and keep a stock of candles, batteries and nonelectric lights before the rain starts and power shuts down.

Cut the Trees

It is important to cut down the trees, which are likely to fall down during any spring or heavy rainstorm. Hence, you must manage the trees and bushes around your house in such a way that they do not become debris and cause damage to your home. Most often, effects of monsoon winds damage the trees and bushes into heaps of trashes.

Scan Doors and Windows

It is better to take all precautions and so you must scan and look all the exterior doors and windows. If there is a need of repair or affixing then do it as fast as possible. If there is caulking around windows then use right seal so that it can be shut properly. There should be a solution to any damaged seasonal shredding or gaps or jam in the door. All these measurements will support you from causing any major wear and tear.

Furthermore, it is better to take the suggestion of an engineer or expert to fix any problem. You must arrange and organize in an enhanced way to avoid any type of trouble when is monsoon season commencing.

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