Our Guide To Treating Even The Worst Acne

Our Guide To Treating Even The Worst Acne

Our Guide To Treating Even The Worst Acne

The problem with skin is increasingly becoming one of the major problems of day to day life, and the most common problem is acne and its related issues. Unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits and a lot of other unhealthy habits lead to various skin abrasions which show directly on your face. Another popular problem which most of the adults face is the problem of rosacea which is becoming increasingly common these days. Although it is not similar to that of acne it has few things in common to that of acne.

Rosacea mostly affects the face, and cause redness on the nose, cheeks as well as on the forehead. The blood vessels present in the skin become visible and also cause red bumps which are extremely painful. It also causes acne & rosacea peels as the skin tends to become extremely dry.

Causes of rosacea

The different causes of rosacea are still not found out but the process of disease has been found out. It has been found out that rosacea is mainly caused because of the disorders in the neurovascular system. Demodex, a skin mite is found in huge amounts in rosacea affected area which leads to this skin abrasion. A few of the research revealed that there is a relation between rosacea and different health hazards like cardiovascular diseases and cancer.


Rosacea treatment helps in controlling different signs and symptoms and involves basic skincare and different medicated treatments. Although there are a lot of basic treatments available for treating the problem of rosacea most of them do not show any kind of effective results. The span of the treatment depends on the severity of the condition.

Most of the dermatologists prescribe medications depending on the various symptoms tat you are facing, and these treatments are way more effective in treating the problem of rosacea.

Oral antibiotics

Most of the antibiotics that are prescribed for treating rosacea helps in removing the bacteria but most importantly these medicines help in fighting against the redness as well as inflammation. Doctors suggest antibiotic pills that help in reducing the red bumps as well as pustules.

Medicines which helps in reducing the redness

Some popular studies have shown few drugs that effectively aid in reducing the redness. Gel-based ointments are provided which when applied to the skin helps in contracting the blood vessels, and it is extremely effective. But it is important to keep in mind that the effects of the medications are temporary as a result it requires reapplication if you want to notice any visible improvements. There are other products which also help in reducing the pimples which are caused in mild rosacea but the results are extremely slow and show results after three to six weeks.

Hence, these are some of the important things to know if you are suffering from the problem of rosacea, and immediate actions are important to take before the problem worsens.

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