Negative Thinking: What Are the Main Causes?

Negative Thinking: What Are the Main Causes?

People usually start thinking on the basis of the events and circumstances they undergo. Whatever thoughts enter their minds, whether it is positive or negative, they start reacting in the same way. Hence, negative thoughts give rise to negative events and positive thoughts give rise to positive events. Now the question is that what came first – thoughts or events? This is same like who came first on the earth – the chicken or an egg? Leaving this topic behind, let me come to the point. The main reasons behind negativity, the negative thinking, and negative feeling, is what I will be actually discussing with you.

Growing Age Memories

During the age from early childhood to the last teenage year, all the events which occur, the behavior of people towards a person etc are responsible for the thinking and mindset of the person. Whatever is told to a person in his early childhood life forms a big part in his thinking process. Suppose a person has not got “A” in his life – means he lacks in getting Appreciation, Approval, and Admiration etc he will definitely have negative thinking. Again if a person is foiled by the “C” in his life – that is he always Compares, Conflicts etc, and then he will have negative thinking. People with negative thinking usually have either an awful past or have met with an accident.


Somehow, it can be considered that a person’s genes from his parents and his ancestor are responsible for his negative thinking. Many times, children learn from the behavior of their parents and inculcate all that they used to see at home. Researches show that a person’s DNA is also to some extent responsible for his or her negative thinking.


According to a survey done in some countries of the world, it is seen that people usually with a fear of being alone, powerless, worthless etc. have negative thinking. Their ego or self-esteem makes them negative. Such people start fabricating negative aspects regarding other people. Egotism leads to negative feelings. Hence, it can be stated that ego becomes the root cause of negative feelings in some of the cases.

Using “Buts”

In this world of varieties, there are people with different aspects. These aspects silently become the cause of all the thoughts entering their minds. Many people, during their speaking, use “but” which is actually a negative aspect. Like they make such sentences – I love my job BUT I get bored.

I got good marks BUT I could have secured more.

I like sweets BUT I have a stomach ache.

A person should never use “But” so many times as it creates negative feedback to the other person. Instead, he must use “And”. Such as –

I got good marks AND I could have secured more.

Scientists have proven through their studies that using “but” many times is a display of negative feelings. Hence, people using “But” are mostly having negative thinking.

The above-mentioned causes are some of the bases through which the tree of negative thinking began to grow. However, it is certainly not that that person cannot become positive. With some homework, reading the positive books, getting up early in the morning etc. can turn a person from negative thinker to positive thinker.

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